The Old and the New: Explore 3 Jewels of Prague’s Architecture

#LifeInCzechia Living in Czechia and interested in architecture? Have some free time and want to explore the capital? We have some tips for you! Most tourists cling to the old historical buildings, but let me encourage you to take a fresh look at the city. Prague has a unique harmony of old and new. So let’s look at Prague through a different perspective and explore some of its architectural jewels!

Dancing House in Prague
Dancing House in Prague 

Dancing House 

Do you like contrasts? What makes Prague unique is the harmony between old and new. For example, the Dancing House is an iconic landmark of Prague, located between historical buildings. The project was designed by renowned architects, a Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić and a Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. 

The Dancing House was opened in 1996 and it is known as deconstructivist architecture because of its unusual shape.The concept was inspired by the dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. You can find more information about the Dancing House’s interesting history and the design process here.

Today there is a hotel, a gallery and a luxury restaurant with a beautiful view. The Dancing House Gallery is meant to serve Czech and international artists. You can find detailed information about the exhibitions in the gallery and online tickets here. 


The New Building of the National Museum

Let me introduce you to two neighbors which are very different but very connected. The New Building of the National Museum is one of Prague’s most unique modern buildings. It is located next to the Main Building of the National Museum at Wenceslas Square. The National Museum and the new building create a significant architectural difference. 

The bridge girder was used there and at that time it was the largest hung glass wall in Czechoslovakia. The National Museum and the new building  were connected by an underground tunnel with a unique multimedia exhibition in November 2019.


New Building of National Museum
The New Building of National Museum

Do you love history? The National Museum has an application for mobile devices called “National Museum in your pocket”. The app navigates visitors and, with the help of augmented reality, it shows what the iconic fin whale would look like in its real form. You can buy tickets for the museum and the exhibitions from their website or their app. 


The National Library of Technology

Are you searching for a unique environment to focus on your work in silence? The National Library of Technology is a unique place for your needs. You will be surrounded by knowledge. Prague’s National Library of Technology is a form of modernity which was designed by Projektil Architekti Studio and opened in 2009. 


National Library of Technology in Prague
National Library of Technology in Prague, Karelj, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

The centerpiece of the award-winning building is a rectangular five-story open atrium with stairwells and elevators. The library holds more than 1.7 million books and has 1,286 study spaces, a 24-hour After Hours Study Room, a cafe, a gallery, and a bookstore. You can have a look here for detailed information about the library’s services, events and opening hours. 

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