Where to Find Animals in the Brno’s City Center?

#LifeInCzechia Brno offers more than just architectural wonders and cultural attractions. There are numerous parks everywhere. Apart from a chance to escape the summer heat and exercise, the parks offer great pastime activities for children. Did you know you can find animals there? And we’re not talking only about birds and squirrels. Find out more in our article!

Watch the goat family grow.


Close to the Pionýrska trolleybus stop in the Lužánky park, there is a branch of Veřejná zeleň města Brna (Public greenery of Brno) with a variety of animals. They use them for traditional park management, diversification of the urban environment, as well as educational purposes.

You can observe pigs in an enclosure and feed them with grass or dandelion leaves. Inside the premises, there are cages with bunnies, guinea pigs, and budgies.

With Středisko volného času Lužánky (leisure center for children), it is also possible to visit spatial greenhouses. The children will learn about plants and observe some tropical animals.

Tyršův sad

This park on Kounicova street is declared a cultural monument. The seasonal flowers are blooming from early spring to late summer with a special flower bed for the blind and visually impaired. On top of that, there are more animals thanks to Veřejná zeleň města Brna. 

Take your children and come to see a small goat family. Every day, the employees leave a basket with lettuce or carrots outside the enclosure. Park visitors can feed the goats and pet them through the fence. In another part, there are two big cages with various bird species.

Otevřená zahrada

Otevřená zahrada or The Open Gardens is located under Špilberk castle close to Obilní trh tram stop

The gardens are open from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm during summer (check the current opening times on their website) and the entrance is completely free. There are bunnies, chickens, sheep, and an insect hotel.

Numerous flower beds accompany herb and vegetable gardens. Apart from beautiful nature, you can teach your children about a sustainable way of living. Let them discover solar and wind power and play with water cascades.

Learn the difference between llamas and alpacas.

Bonus tip – Lamacentrum

Our bonus tip is not a park, but a farm located in the picturesque environment of the former quarry in Hády. The farm was created here to save the surrounding nature and encourage people’s interest in it. To achieve this goal, they chose llamas alpacas, sheep, goats, and rabbits. 

Admire nature, feed the animals, and learn more about the farm itself. You can visit the farm every weekend and the entry fee is 40 CZK for children and 80 CZK for adults. Check the opening times on their website. To visit the farm another day, you can arrange a private visit and spend an hour alone without other visitors.


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Sources: Veřejná zeleň města Brna

Image sources: unsplash

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