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If Lužánky is an oasis in the middle of the city, Obora Holedná is an oasis away from everything. If you are looking for a place detached from everyday life where you can turn off your phone and relax and you either don’t want to or cannot go to the countryside, this is the place just for you. Spend the afternoon by walking around a peaceful forest enclosure, there is a buffet too!

deer in a park

Deers are one of the residents of the forest enclosure (source)

Animal lovers, watch out! Holedná Forest Enclosure offers you the unique opportunity to see wild animals up close without them being confined to small cages. You can meet there for example:

  • Fallow deers
  • Wild boars
  • Mouflons
  • Various birds
  • And more!

All of these you can witness while following an educational path where you can learn some interesting facts about animals and wildlife in general. This makes it very convenient for families with children. 

Location-vise Holedná is located near Kohoutovice – a part of Brno. You can get there by bus number 52 or number 50. It is still within the zone 101 so if you have the standard ticket, you don’t have to pay extra for anything. Holedná is also very spacious. It has 327 ha! All of this space you can walk through freely and watch the animals. All animals except for the wild boars walk freely through the forest enclosure. For visiting the wild boars you need to enter a smaller forest enclosure dedicated to them. It is that way because of safety precautions – wild boars could potentially hurt someone.

forest picture

Some parts of the enclosure are more hilly, pick your path carefully! (source)

There are three paths going through the forest enclosure. Each of them varies in length and difficulty. Some of the paths are even covered in asphalt so if you have a stroller or in-line skates, it is not just completely safe for you to enter, it is made specifically for you. Some paths, on the other hand, is mostly in the natural state and it is accustomed to people who look for a slightly different experience. Along all of them, however, you can witness the animals close to their natural habitat as much as it can get. All the paths lead through a forest and they lead around small ponds where ducks and other animals used to live in close proximity to water.

While you are there you can also visit a nearby forest around the Kohoutovice river. It is a smaller area (just 3 ha), however, as a beautiful end of the trip, it is more than satisfactory. This smaller forest is covered in rare species of flowers, so be considerate! Don’t pick the flowers and don’t stray away from the paths! 

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