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Lužánky, the oasis of peace in the middle of the city, right next to the city centre. The park may not be so big with its approximately 22 hectares but it is packed with activities. Is a whole day trip too much for you? Here you can rest every day after work and it will only take a few minutes from the city centre to get there! Grilling site, pubs, ponds, yoga classes, or just a simple run – Lužánky can accommodate all of your leisure time needs. There is even a summer camp organized here! 

photo of the main Lužánky building


Picture of the Neo-Renaissance pavilon in Lužánky (source)

Biggest and Oldest Park of Brno

Did you know that Lužánky is the oldest park in Brno? The very first record of this park dates all the way back to the 13th century. Over time Lužánky went through a stunning transformation. From a small field with a farm gifted to the local monastery it evolved into a place of leisure and frequent cultural events that it is now. Today its biggest dominant is the pavilon built in Neo-Renaissance style. Besides that, you can also enjoy different smaller statues scattered around the park. Once you discover all of them you can also go continue with the smaller natural sights. For example, you can visit the memorable tree of Lužánky – it is a ginkgo tree and it is remarkable because of its well-grown branches. Or, if you like resting by water, Lužánky has several ponds and rivers.

Bridge over Ponávka

Did you know that this river is artificially constructed? (source)

Wide Range of Activities

Given the fact that the Lužánky park is so spacious, you can basically do anything there. Are you searching for a calm and relaxing place for a picnic? It will not take you long even on the busiest days. Sitting down with friends for a couple of beers? Even if all the seats in the nearby pubs are taken, it is okay to take it to the park and sit on the grass. Do you like to exercise? Lužánky is well accustomed to running, yoga or even tennis. 

This park prides itself with eight tennis courts that are very spacious. And not just that! Adjacent to it there is also a sauna and a restaurant open all year round! Also, if you have children, Lužánky tennis courts also have tennis lessons for them. 

Right next to the tennis courts you can also find a pub, inline skater park and volleyball courts.

This park is also very well accustomed to children as well. First of all, there is a playground for them. Then you can take them to a driving school for children where they can learn the basics of driving like traffic lights, traffic signs and much more. Also, there is a small building of Junák (a Czech version of the Scouts) where you can register your children. 

Lužánky also has a public grill. You have to book it in advance for a symbolic price of 20 CZK. It is a great way how to spend an afternoon with friends or family. 

Bridge over Ponávka in Lužánky park

Bridge over the artificial river Ponávka (source)

At the Tip of Your Fingers

However, the very best part of Lužánky is its accessibility. It is situated literally in the middle of the city in the district Černá Pole. It takes barely 10 minutes to get there by foot or public transport from the city centre. It is also surrounded by both tram and bus stations from each side. You can get there with the tram number 1 or 6 to the station Antonínská or Pionýrská or by the trolleybus number 25 or 26 to the station Pionýrská or Zimní stadion or also by the trolleybus number 67 to the station Zimní stadion or Schodová. By the way, if you get off on the station Schodová, you can also visit the street of the same name, which is also another picturesque place in Brno worth visiting.


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