Spilberk Castle

#LifeInCzechia The days are getting longer and warmer – time to go out! Want to chill after work in the park or go for a small trip with your family during the weekend? You can visit Spilberk! Let’s take a better look at this beautiful castle and its surrounding park.


Spilberk castle is much more than a beautiful building – it is a place for fun!

Basic info about the castle

Get ready for a small hike! No worries, really short and easy one, suitable even for small kids. This gothic-baroque castle has dominated Brno for over 700 years and it can be found at the top of a small hill, together with its park and the museum. Thanks to this, it offers an amazing view – whether you come during the day or visit  in the evening, it has its magic and you can see the whole city from up there.

Why to visit?

As mentioned before, this place offers a great view of the city. You can choose from a guided tour of the castle or some of its part (more in section How does it work in this article), visiting the museum or you can simply take some blanket and snacks or bottle of wine and chill in the surrounding park (other alternatives are benches or althans that can be found here).

As a bonus, there is a summer cinema under the stars. You can read more here. As there is a small scene (with capacity of 150 to 300 visitors) built during the summer, it can also serve other purposes, such as small concerts or theatrical performances.

To tell you a bit more about the museum, its main mission is to discover and show the history of Brno. Focusing on the architecture, archeology, history and working also as a gallery, the museum has something for everyone!

So how does it work?

As for the guided tour, you have 5 options – The Story of the Castle, Kasematy PrisonsReservoirs of Spilberk, The Tower and the Kings Chapel and last but not least Bastion. The prices for each tour are different, with the cheapest one being The Tower and the Kings Chapel tour (100 CZK/person). All of the tours are available from Monday to Sunday, but be aware that the opening hours for each of the tour types are different.

So, do you feel like you have a plan for your upcoming weekend? Or perhaps, one more reason to look forward to summer nights! In both cases, Spilberk is the place to visit! Make sure to book your tour and enjoy.



Picture: Canva

Article: MUZEUMSpilberk

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