Craving Animal Time? 3 Alternatives to Owning a Pet in Prague

Are you unable to own a pet? Wondering if you should get one? Or maybe you’d like to just spend some time with animals? There are many possibilities to stay close to living creatures and relax in Prague, even if you cannot own one yourself. We listed several options which will give you the feeling of having a four-pawed friend.


If you can’t own a pet, there are several other ways to spend time with animals.

Prague Zoo

This option could be a great adventure for you! If you love walks and seeing different types of animals, then you should definitely visit Prague Zoo. It’s a great place to go with your family or friends and spend some quality time surrounded by different animals.

What surprised me the most about the zoo was the fact that you can take a walk between freely-walking kangaroos. They are totally adorable and it’s an amazing experience to see them from such close proximity! What I personally loved the most about Prague’s ZOO was the fact that it lets you stay in touch with nature – it’s a really green and magical place.

In Prague zoo, you can take a walk around freely-roaming kangaroos.

Animal shelters

There are many pets in need. Shelters are a great option for those who might enjoy walking the dogs, helping clean their beds, or even just play with them. Most of the places prefer long-term volunteers that could stay committed to helping out at least one time per week, as pets get attached to a certain person. This way, it would be less stressful for them also they would listen to you more and would enjoy their time with you better.

Here is the list of shelters in Prague that might be interested in your help:

1. Psí útulek v Libni (“Dog Shelter in Libeň”)
A small, family shelter and hospice for senior dogs operating only on a voluntary basis under the direction of operators who have full-time jobs elsewhere.

Address: Jeřábová 1, Praha 9-Libeň
Phone: +420 724 526 537, +420 605 256 960


2. Voříškov (“Mutt Place”)
It’s a temporary home. With them, dogs get love, quality food, walks in beautiful surroundings, socialization, training, and cuddles.

Address: mezi obcemi Ořech a Chýnice
Phone: +420 723 149 929


3. Projekt HOPE (“Project HOPE”)
It’s a temporary care for dogs and cats. Not like classic shelters. Here, animals live side by side with people in the home environment. Which is a hope for a happy future for sick, shy, or animals who were abused in the past.

Address: Gutova 66/10, Praha 10
Phone: +420 777 292 650


4. Odchytová služba Lary (“Catching Service Lary”)Dog-walking is also enabled by the Odchytová služba Lary. It has been operating since 1997 and is operated by Mr. Jiří Dvořák. Agree with them on your time options and help dogs get for a walk more often.

Address: Veleňská, Hovorčovice (Praha-Čakovice)
Phone: +420 605 189 844


5. Dogpoint
Helps abandoned and abused dogs not only find a home, but also to prepare them for their “new” life. The shelter will provide these dogs with temporary asylum and help them with resocialization and preparation for integration into new families.

Address: Lhotky 60, Malotice (u Kostelce nad Černými lesy)
Phone: +420 607 018 218


6. Psí útulek Bouchalka (“Dog Shelter Bouchalka”)
One of the largest and oldest private shelters in the country. t It has over 100 dogs. Dog-walking must be arranged by phone in advance. After a telephone appointment, they will select suitable dogs for walking.

Address: Na Bouchalce 398, Buštěhrad
Phone: +420 603 523 070, +420 312 250 508

Shelters are a great option for those who want to help animals get some exercise.

Kitties and coffee – CatCafePrague

If you like cats, try going to a cat café! It’s a perfect place for cat and coffee lovers! You will pay only for the time spent there and will have full access to unlimited coffee, tea, soft drinks, muffins, cookies, and other snacks while being surrounded by cute cats. Moreover, you will have a chance to play some board games and spend time in a game room where you can use Xbox Kinect. Most importantly, the staff speaks in both Czech and English.

Address is: Gorazdova 20, Nové Město, 120 00 Praha

If you already own a pet and worry about what to do, when you need or want to leave for a trip, there are pet hotels and pet-sitting companies that will take care of yours.

One of the kitties at CatCafePrague – Photo source: CatCafePrague, Instagram

We can give you a helping hand

Do you want to adopt a pet, yet aren’t sure about the whole process or might have difficulties with the language? We will happily assist you!


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2 thoughts on “Craving Animal Time? 3 Alternatives to Owning a Pet in Prague

  1. Hello Amanda,
    I came across your article about craving animal time because I’m trying to brain storm for my daughter’s birthday party. She is in love with dogs and really wants a dog themed birthday party. She is turning 6 next month. I’m wondering if there is a way to involve real dogs in some aspect, such as grooming, playing with them, etc. Do you have any experience with such an idea that perhaps you can connect me to a dog service? Do you think a particular shelter would like a small group of girls to help with the dogs on a certain day? I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you in advance for any help you or suggestions you may have.

    1. Hi Alicia,
      That’s such a cute idea, but honestly I’m not sure shelters would welcome that. Maybe if they have a lot of puppies, that might work, but the adult and older dogs would probably get overexcited and stressed out at such an event. Shelter dogs often come from traumatic experiences so they’re a bit volatile.
      That being said, I’d encourage you to try calling some shelters, maybe they’d like the idea :).

      If it doesn’t have to be dogs, there are some petting zoos in Czechia if you google for them. For example in Brno we have a llama center where you can meet a llama, which is pretty cool.

      Hope you can find something that your daughter likes!


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