What are the Animal Adoption Rules?

#LifeInCzechia Do you love animals and would you like to own one? Don’t buy, adopt! Visit an animal shelter near you and give those cuties a new home. However, there are some rules that need to be followed. They aim to protect both the animals and the potential adopters, promoting responsible pet ownership and minimizing the risk of mistreatment or abandonment. Find out more in our article!

Give the animals a new home.

When considering the adoption of a dog or a cat, keep the adoption process in mind:

  • Paperwork: filling out an adoption application, providing personal information, and demonstrating an understanding of the responsibilities and commitment involved in pet ownership.
  • Home Check and Interviews: animal shelters may conduct home checks or interviews to assess the suitability of the potential adopter’s living environment. These measures aim to ensure that the animal will be provided with a safe and suitable home.
  • Identification and Registration: once an adoption is approved, the adopter must provide identification documents, such as a passport and residence card (for foreigners) and registration with the local authorities.
  • Adoption Fees and Vaccinations: animal shelters often charge adoption fees to cover the costs of caring for the animals, including vaccination, microchipping, or neutering.
  • Adoption Contracts and Responsibilities: Adopters are usually required to sign adoption contracts that may include provisions regarding the animal’s welfare (proper nutrition, safe environment, etc.) and consequences of neglect and abuse.

Keep in mind that many landlords require a higher deposit or even an increased monthly lease for having an animal.

Alternatives for adoption

Would you like to help but you can’t adopt at the moment? Choose one of the alternatives:

  • Online Adoption: Adopting an animal with health problems that have no chance to find a new home. You will help financially to cover the cost of the treatment and save a life.
  • Temporary Foster Care: provide a temporary home for puppies, older dogs, or those who don’t do well in the shelter environment for a specified time. The shelter covers all veterinary fees.
  • Donation: donate food and toys for dogs and cats, old blankets, or even dog beds to improve animals’ comfort and pastime activities.
  • Dog Walking: in some animal shelters, you can walk the dogs during the designated hours and enjoy some fresh air with the company of a furry friend.

Animal shelters are called “útulek” in Czech. Find the nearest one to you. Go to the webpage Útulky, specify if you’re looking for dogs or cats, and then choose your city. Click on “Hledat” (Search) and look through the results.

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