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#LifeInCzechia If you arrive at Prague main train station and walk 5 minutes through Wenceslas Square, the National Museum will welcome you with its monumental building. This institution has eye-opening exhibitions. If you decide to visit it, you will be surrounded by knowledge from past to present in its authentic interior. So let’s dive right into this well of knowledge!


The National Museum in Prague
The National Museum in Prague

Mobile app and tickets 

Want to visit this museum? I would suggest that you buy your ticket online via the National Museum mobile app ahead of time. You will save time and avoid long queues! There are different types of discounts for students, children and seniors. You can download the app here.


The Vestibule and Exhibitions

Once you have your tickets, it’s time to enter the museum. The massive foyer welcomes you and leads you to the exhibitions through massive staircases. 

You can check the “Museum as a symbol” section in the app if you would like to learn the story and the architecture of the building from the architect Joseph Schulz. 


The National Museum Foyer
The National Museum Foyer


The National Museum has many long-term and short-term exhibitions. There are for example “Windows into prehistory”, “The miracles of evolution”, “Halls of minerals”, “History of the 20th century”, “Moments of history”, and “Famous Czech Composers”

Let us tell you more about our favorites!


Halls of Minerals 

Ready to see the beauties of the universe?  When you enter the exhibition, you become fascinated by the dazzling minerals. Halls of Minerals is a long-term exhibition in the museum. 

The first mineralogical exposition opened in 1892. The Czech mineralogist Prof. Karel Vrba  and the architect of the building Prof. Josef Schulz designed the display cases which can accommodate 4.000 minerals in the exhibition room. It is the largest mineral collection in the Czech Republic! 


The Halls of Minerals Exhibition
The Halls of Minerals Exhibition 


The Miracles of Evolution

The Miracles of Evolution exhibition will surround you by charming stories of evolution in six halls. The exhibition brings history to present and shows them to you in an extraordinary way – without any shelves or racks. 

The halls that will show you the wide range of species are: Stepping Out in All Directions; Water, Our Element; From Water to Land; Conquering the Air; Conquering the Earth and The Planet of Animals.


The Miracles of Evolution - The iconic fin whale with AR
The Miracles of Evolution – The iconic fin whale with AR


When you arrive to the iconic fin whale, you should check out the National Museum app. The app will show you what the fin whale could look like in its real form with the help of augmented reality. Plus, thanks to the augmented reality, you will be able to see the ceiling covered with water and cute little fish. 



Would you like to feel like you are in the heart of Prague? If you’re tired of all the exhibitions, you can climb stairs to the Cupola. It will reward you with beautiful city views. You will be on a glass surface and surrounded by windows.

The view through Wenceslas Square from the cupola of the National Museum
The view through Wenceslas Square from the cupola of the National Museum

New National Museum building

Once you’re done with the old building of the National Museum, it’s time  for the New Building of the National Museum. The new building is a close neighbor and has a totally different and modern architectural style. You can easily reach the new building with an underground corridor which also holds another unique multi-media exhibition. 

The exhibition is called Moments of History. You can find detailed information about the exhibition here. 

OUR TIP: You can give yourself a pause at the Bistro Národní Muzeum where you can sit under a large bridge girder and enjoy their delicious desserts. 

All in all, the National Museum is vast and it can seem quite impossible to explore all of the exhibitions in one day. We suggest you check out their website, app and then choose your route before you start your tour. 


New Building of the National Museum
New Building of the National Museum


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Article Source: National Museum

Photo Source: Leman Oktay 

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