10 Gardens & Parks in Prague

After a long day of exploring Prague, you can relax in parks and ancient gardens. The Czech capital is one of the greenest cities in the world. There are about 200 parks and recreational areas scattered around the city. That’s a lot of parks and gardens of all kinds: it is very easy to find a place for recreation, picnic, entertainment or just communication with nature. For those who love nature, here is a list of their favourite parks in Prague to sit, sleep, and just hang out in.

1)     Letna Park

Letna Park, located in the Prague 7 district, is one of the largest ones in Prague. This park was founded in 1860 on the site of a former vineyard. Today, its most famous attraction is the ticking metronome. However, from 1955 to 1962 it was home to the world’s largest monument of Joseph Stalin. For bike and roller skating lovers, special bike paths have been built here. There are many playgrounds for children, and beer lovers can drink under the shade of chestnuts, Czech beer and admire the view of Prague.

2)     Stromovka Park

Stromovka Park is the largest park in Prague with an area of 105 hectares. The park was founded in 1266 for breeding and hunting deer. Now the park is popular for outdoor activities. Residents of the city come here to ride bicycles, rollerblades, play sports games or walk the dogs. The park has ponds with ducks to feed, as well as swans on the Vltava. In the park itself, there is a planetarium, and next to the park there is an exhibition, where most of the exhibitions in Prague and the famous Křižík fountains take place.

10 Gardens & Parks in Prague

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3)     Ladronka Park

Ladronka is a sports park dedicated to active recreation. The entire vast territory, in which three districts of Prague intersect at once – Břevnov, Vypich and Motol, is equipped with all kinds of platforms. There are special tracks for lovers of roller skates, bicycles and skateboards. You can play tennis or basketball, as well as indulge in an original sport – special roller skiing. By the way, the park is open all year round, so it’s an ideal place for running on regular skis in winter. Children will love it here too – there are many playgrounds in different parts of the park. You can also sit in a café in the park, or have a picnic right on the grass.

4)     Vojanovy sady

Not far from Charles Bridge there is one of the oldest parks in Prague – Vojanovy Sady. It was founded in 1248. Vojanovy Sady is a classic English-style park, a quiet and uncrowded green corner, hidden behind the walls among the streets of Mala Strana. Here you can take a break from the bustle of the city, enjoy the silence, sitting on the lawns among the blossoming apple trees and pears, feeding the freely walking peacocks. The park has had its current name since the middle of the 20th century, and it was named after Eduard Vojan, a brilliant Czech actor.

5)     Petřín Hill

Prague parks differ from each other in size. A huge green massif in the very centre of the city is Petřín Hill, which is a complex of several parks. It consists of a summer palace – Kinsky Park, Lobkowicki Park, rose garden, Nebozizek, Seminarsky Park and at the observation tower.

In addition to walking through the fabulous gardens, everyone has the opportunity at any time of the year to go up to the very top of the hill to the observation Tower in miniature (height 59 meters). If you don’t feel for a little hike, take funicular!

6)     Botanická zahrada

The Botanical Garden (Botanická zahrada) is a garden with many plants brought from all over the world, covering an area of 25 hectares. The garden is divided into several parts: A Japanese garden, a greenhouse, a vineyard and others. In spring and summer, a huge number of exotic flowers bloom here and flora lovers will definitely enjoy a walk in this park. And in hot weather, you can sunbathe in the garden.

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7)     Riegrovy sady

One of the best places in Prague for a picnic with a magnificent view of the Hradcany district below. The parks are small and cosy, it will be interesting not only for adults (there are sports equipment complexes) but also for children, as there are large playgrounds that are well equipped with a special soft surface. If you came here without a blanket and a basket of picnic products, you can always have a snack in one of the cafes or restaurants located on the territory.

8)     Vyšehrad Park

Vysehrad is one of the most beautiful districts of Prague with a wonderful park next to it. It is not only quiet, calm with a lot of greenery but also several famous sights are located here. A walk in the beautiful park can be combined with a visit to the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, which is a typical example of Gothic architecture, the rotunda of St. Martin, as well as visit one of the most famous cemeteries in the Czech Republic. Many historical figures and famous people of this country are buried at the Vysehrad cemetery.

9)     Vrtbovská zahrada

Vrtbovská zahrada (Vrtbovská zahrada) is one of the most beautiful gardens in Prague, created in the Baroque style. This small garden is laid out on the slopes of the Petřín Hill, but getting into it is not so easy, because the entrance to it is hidden from prying eyes. The Vrtba Garden is rightfully considered a pearl among baroque gardens in Central Europe, the entrance fee is 80 CZK. But, for this money, you will take beautiful photos without the crowds of tourists.

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10) Františkánská zahrada

Františkánská zahrada is a small, cosy 0.6-hectare garden in the very centre of Prague, which is surrounded by buildings on all sides. If you are tired of the noisy tourist centre, then come here and take a break at one of the many benches in the shade of a rose garden. If you are walking with children, they will love the playground. You can get to the garden through the Světozor passage from Wenceslas Square or through Jungmanov Square.

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