Coronavirus in Czechia: More Students to Return to School and Accommodation Services to Resume on 24 May

Monday, 24 May will mark more restriction relaxations in Czechia. High school students will be allowed to return to schools in full regime. Universities will also be allowed to reopen. On the same day, hotels and other types of accommodation will resume their business as well and indoor gyms and sports areas will be able to welcome up to 30 people at a time.

The government confirmed this new wave of restriction relaxations on Monday, 17 May.


Hotels will be allowed to reopen recreationally from 24 May.

Hotels will be allowed to reopen recreationally from 24 May.


More schools to reopen, school trips to resume

According to the Minister of Education’s tweet, all primary and middle schools in Czechia will be allowed to resume classes in a full regime in all regions on Monday, 24 May. On the same day, high school students can also return to school. 

Universities can resume classes on 24 May as well under the condition of social distancing of 1.5 m (with the exception of laboratories and other practical classes). 

Those students whose schools use antigen testing will need to be tested once a week. PCR testing will be mandatory once in two weeks. (These tests will be paid for by the state.)




Art schools and extracurricular activities and free time centers will also be allowed to resume their operation. Art schools can restart classes from 24 May without limitations. Pupils don’t have to get tested unless they’re in groups of more than 10. Extracurricular activities can be organized for up to 10 children without testing and for up to 50 children with testing indoors and 100 children outdoors

Pupils will also be allowed to go on school trips from 31 May. Each pupil will have to either get a PCR test in a laboratory (no older than 72 hours) or they can use their antigen test from school (antigen tests should be repeated on the day of departure and then every 72 hours during the trip). 

Those who have gone through COVID-19 in the last 90 days or have been vaccinated at least 14 days prior departure do not need to get tested. All pupils should also submit a non-infection status declaration.


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The return of hotels

According to the Minister of Industry and Trade, another field that can resume service on 24 May is accommodation services. However, all guests will have to prove their non-infectious status – either with COVID-19 tests, vaccination certificate, or a certificate about having recently gone through COVID-19.




More people to participate in indoor sports 

As the Minister of Health confirmed, more people will be allowed to participate in indoor sports. 30 people will be allowed to participate in indoor sports in place of the original 10. The number of people who can sport in one group will also be increased from 2 to 12.

These same measures will also apply to gym classes at schools.

The Minister also amended the original measure about masks and sports. As of today (18 May), people who are exercising or doing sports (as well as trainers and other team members) do not have to wear a mask.




Indoor pavilions in zoos to reopen

24 May will also mark the reopening of indoor pavilions in zoos. These will be limited by the principle of 1 person per 15 m2

Botanical gardens will also be limited to 50% of capacity. Group tours will still not be allowed. Visitors have to adhere to social distancing of at least 2 metres.


Restaurant interiors to possibly reopen in mid-June

The Minister of Industry and Trade also suggested that interiors of restaurants might possibly reopen in mid-June. Tables will be limited to 4 customers.

The Minister also amended the rules for restaurant exteriors, valid from 17 May. Restaurant exteriors are now allowed to have Wi-Fi and restaurant owners do not have to check the customers’ COVID-19 status.




Culture: 1000 people outside, 500 inside

The Ministry of Culture tweeted on Monday, 17 May that cultural events will be held under the condition of 1000 people maximum outside and 500 people maximum inside from 24 May. 

Everyone will have to get tested (antigen or PCR) and wear a mask

The capacity of the venues can only be used up to 50%. Eating and drinking in the venue will be banned.




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Article sources: CT24,, Dominik Feri’s IG, Twitter – Minister of Education (Plaga), Twitter – Ministry of Culture
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