Authentic Places Where You Can Find Great Food from Abroad

Are you working from home and there are still new tasks coming up? Do you have kids around or you are simply looking for a change in the everyday menu? If you are too busy to cook, you run out of ideas about what to prepare or it just isn’t one of your favorite activities, order something new and tasty online to get your mealtime more exciting and support local business during the pandemic time. 

Want to try food from different cultures? Avoid washing dishes? Ordering food online is a solution for those who live in bigger Czech cities where food delivery services are possible. 

Let’s support local restaurants and order food online!

I believe most of you know that you can order food at Wolt, Dáme Jídlo or Uber eats. But maybe you are struggling to find out where to order pizza and you are tired of spending time comparing prices and time because it’s the only one sure thing you can lean on. Maybe you always order the same cuisine and would like to try something new. As for me, as I’m from Russia, I miss my home food or food from Georgia, because I am from the South of Russia and we like Georgian food too. 

Therefore I was thinking that maybe you have the same problem as me and are looking for a place where you could find cuisine from your country. I made a list of spots for you, most of them located in Prague, some of them in Brno, and the last one in Břeclav.


As a Russian, I would like to recommend to you a place called Chutnoff, which I truly love! They have the best pelmeni I have ever tried. You could also order borsch, vareniki, or pierogi. It’s located on I. P. Pavlova street, their staff is very nice and the dishes they offer are always very tasty and of high quality!

Polévkárna paní Mančo

In regards to Georgian cuisine, my favorite place is Polévkárna paní Mančo, in Prague 2 on Bělehradská street.  You should try their specialties such as khinkali and khachapuri. The owners of this place are a great Georgian family, and the atmosphere in their restaurant is always very pleasant. But most importantly, their food is always super tasty. During lunchtime, there is a queue for their great soups. I highly recommend that you dine here too, book a table here in advance, or order lunch at home. 


Of course, a list of great food places can’t exist without a French one. Isn’t amazing that nowadays we have the possibility to order online not only food but also beverages? I know an incredible wine bar, where they will deliver very high-quality wine at an acceptable price right to your home.  Good wine is always a great idea, right? LaCaveD’Adrien is a fantastic wine bar, owned by a French guy, born into a family of winemakers. In this wine bar, you can order appetizing sandwiches and tapas. The gorgeous wine list, cheese, and meat selection will definitely brighten up your evening. LaCaveD’Adrien is located in my favorite district, right in the heart of Vinohrady, on Americká street. They offer free home delivery service, but as quarantine is coming to an end, you can visit this place, because it has a very good atmosphere. As for me, it’s definitely going to be the first place I will visit after all restrictions come to an end.


Where to get the best pizza?

I think almost everyone likes pizza and Italian food, but I, for example, always spent some time when I scrolled Dáme Jídlo or Wolt and saw so many offers and didn’t know where I could get a really great pizza. So after many attempts, I can definitely say I found the perfect place for me. I would like to recommend you Pizza lab, located in the Žižkov district on Seifertova street. They offer an artisan pizza with an eye-catching combination of toppings. Always hot, super tasty and they also bring separate sauces for your kind of choice, their pizza is made in six minutes right after the order, the rest of the time depends on the delivery service. The good news, for eco-friendly people, Pizzalab even use eco packages. 

As for a coffee shop, I would certainly suggest a cafe Cafefin, which is located on Jiříiho z Poděbrad square. They offer a unique and delicious menu – various fresh snacks, avocado sandwiches, bowls, and many others. Their specialty is traditional Vietnamese coffee, where the name of the place comes from. Moreover, they serve it incredibly, dishes always look awesome.   



Undoubtedly, it is necessary to mention some places in Brno. Soul Bistro is a nice family-style restaurant on Jezuitská street in the city center. You can order their salads, sandwiches, soups, cakes. And what is very important, they also have a menu for vegans and vegetarians. 

Another great coffee place in Brno is Cafe Aida. Besides their wonderful coffee, which you can now take away, you can order cakes, ice cream, and various desserts. This place is a combination of a great offer of tasty desserts and a beautiful location in the center of Brno – right next to the st. James church.


In Břeclav, a town located on the way from Brno to Bratislava or Vienna, you can find an authentic Latin American restaurant Fredy’s, where you can enjoy special cuisine – burritos, quesadillas, etc. One of the best restaurants in the region, great food (also for vegetarians.), friendly English-speaking staff (one of the founders is from Guatemala, his wife is Czech). You can try for yourself once restaurants are open again.

Were my suggestions useful for you? We have some other articles in our blog, where you can find different interesting tips on how to spend productive time at home or staying productive and healthy during the pandemic.

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"As I am also an expat in the Czech Republic so I know and understand well how hard it is to adapt to a new environment. Therefore, I am here for you to share my experience, and I do my best to help you.

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