Tips for Walking Tours in Brno!

So, you arrived at Brno. Finally. What to do in this wonderful city? Where to go, what to see? Where to drink perfectly brewed coffee? What to eat in this town? Where to buy tram tickets and which one do you need? How many questions! Let’s look around together and find the answers for you.

The Freedom Square in Brno often hosts markets and festivals.

First of all, in Brno, the very best place and the busiest as well (statistics say that the most people gather there on a working day slightly before 3 PM) is the Freedom Square (náměstí Svobody). In the summertime, there are beach deck chairs. You can refresh yourself with delicious cocktails, drink some coffee (check out the best cafés in Brno) or beer there, or just sit and read a book. This place is for everybody, not only for bar visitors.

The Freedom Square has something to offer during any season, though. There are various festivals, celebrations, and markets, such as a beer festival, wine tasting events, a Christmas market or an Easter market. So, almost any time you go there you see something interesting!

Food & lunch menu

Now you know at least one nice place where to meet new friends and try new things. But what about everyday meals? The best time for lunch in restaurants in the Czech Republic is from 11 AM to – 2 PM. Take lunch menu (in Czech, you ask “meníčko”) and choose one of usually the 3-5 dishes plus a soup. It will cost you about 100 CZK (Czech crowns) which is about 4-5 euro for the whole lunch.

The Cabbage Market Square (Zelný trh)

More about food. For sure, you can buy stuff in a grocery store but in case you would like to have fresh vegetables from farmers, go to the Cabbage Market Square (Zelný trh). There is a market where you find a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey and sometimes even wine or ice-cream. Quality of the food is not a doubt.

The capital of wine!

Good, we remembered wine! Do you know that Brno is the capital of South Moravia and the centre of a Czech wine region? In the fall, the best time for wine comes You see farmers who sell young wine (Federweisser which is called “burčák” in Czech) in plastic bottles everywhere in the city centre. Do not hesitate and just try!

This drink is very popular in the Czech Republic during September and October. Many towns and villages in the South Moravian Region hold a festival of young wine. People wear national costumes, play cimbalom music and taste the wine of the season’s harvest.

Public transportation tickets

We should take a look at Brno public transportation, too. You can buy tickets for trams and buses in yellow boxes on some stops and you need coins for that. The driver can also sell them to you but it is more expensive and you need to have the exact amount of money as they don’t give change back.

One tram ticket can be used for more travels!

Public transportation tickets are sold in tobacco shops (trafika), as well. You can save money if you buy one ticket (for 156 CZK) for several trips in special places. One of them is on Česká street in DPMB shop, another one can be found in the building opposite the yellow bus stop near Grand hotel (Novobranská 18).

This ticket works for the entire Brno and even for some destinations outside of the city. You should validate this ticket upon entering a tram or a bus by stamping a field. Minimum is 3 fields (i.e. mark the third field) for 45 minutes, but you can mark 4 fields for 90 minutes as well, for example.

Go for a guided tour!

Unfortunately, there is no space to write everything we know about our lovely Brno. But Podorozhniki can share more details with you if you meet them face to face.

Would you like to know more tips about life in Brno from expats who have been living here for years? Or would you like to find out what the strange statues and historical buildings are in the city? Are you interested in Brno legends and rumours? Do you know why midday in Brno is at 11 AM and a why a few guys always stay around the big black bullet and put their hands into it on the main square? Write to and they will take you for a gorgeous walk around the Brno city. They will tell you stories and legends about interesting places and the history of Brno. They will recommend you their favorite restaurants and give you practical advice how to make your stay in Brno simply awesome.

A beautiful view to see the Špilberk castle in Brno.

Podorozhniki can also drive you to Lednice castle (in the UNESCO list) or some other nice places around Brno thanks to individual guided tours. Contact them if you have any questions. They are here for you!

The text has been prepared in cooperation with Podorozhniki.

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