Tip for an Indian Restaurant in Prague: Indian by Nature

Prague has many places that serve delicious Indian food. Recently, I took a short trip to Prague from Brno. As I was very hungry, I was looking for some good Indian restaurant near me, and I came across this really nice Indian restaurant, which was just on a walking distance from the bus station (Florence). It’s Indian by Nature on Pernerova street 478/1, 186 00 Karlín. 

Indian by Nature welcomes its customers with a lounge-like atmosphere rhythm by Bollywood music. It is a bright, cozy and family-friendly place They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarians menu that offers a vibrant selection of food and drinks at relatively modest prices. 

After taking my cozy seat and casting my eyes over the menu, I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of Indian dishes this restaurant has to offer. The service is superb and they pay attention to details. You can choose the level of spiciness and the menu has plenty of great vegetarian options. You can also ask the waiter suggestion and they can tell you according to your taste. I was here for just 2 days still I could not control, I personally liked it so much that I had to go there twice.

Tip for an Indian Restaurant in Prague: Indian by Nature
Source: Indian by Nature

India is also a land of many tasty desserts. Do not forget to try some Indian desserts. We have excellent desserts also, not just spicy food. Did you know that sugar was first produced from sugarcane plants in northern India? 🙂

A piece of advice, especially for foreigners, we all have different levels of capacity to handle spiciness so when you order your food make sure that you tell the waiter how many levels of spice you want, as its good for both you and the chef. The bottom line is, Indian by Nature restaurant can and is winning a good number of foreign and Indian customers’ hearts.

For those who have been to Indian by Nature, I would be grateful if you could give your opinion on the place in the comments section. The location of this restaurant is so great that everything is so close to it so when you are done eating you must visit the Top 10 Places in Prague.


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