Prague Zoo – the 5th Best Zoo in the World

Prague Zoo is a huge wildlife park covering an area of over 60 hectares. The park is located in the northern part of the city. It has a picturesque nature close to the Vltava riverbank. It established here in 1931 and for many years it has maintained its top position in the ranking of world zoos.

African Savanna

The creators of the Prague Zoo successfully fulfilled their task by settling the imported animals in the zoo as environmentally and naturally as possible. You can find almost 700 species there! In total, there are 4,700 animals, birds, reptiles, reptiles in the zoo.


The zoo has 12 pavilions covering different climates and flora, e.g. you can find a piece of Africa (pavilions African Savannah, African House), the habitat of hippos (Hippo House) or salamanders (Giant Salamander House), habitat of monkeys, huge turtles, and many other animals. Among the most visited animals in the zoo are outlandish fish, giant lizards, various artiodactyls, zebras, giraffes, lions, meerkats, elephants, and peacocks. There is also a zone in the zoo where animals are active only during the night time, especially small animals and insects.

Elephant Valle

When you buy a ticket to the zoo make sure to grab a map of the entire park next to the cashier desk. The zoo is so large that without a map it will not be easy to navigate and find the pavilions you need. Also, those maps in different languages.

A distinctive feature of the Prague Zoo is that you can observe animals behave like they would in their natural environment. Minimum of animals are held in cages. If they are installed, then only to protect visitors. The rest of the enclosures are lawns and rocks.

The territory of the zoo is green and well-groomed which does not leave them feeling that the animals would be much better off somewhere in the wild. The inhabitants calmly walk, play, rest in their enclosures, and exotic birds fly. 

Feline and Reptile House

Another attraction of the zoo is its own cable car that will take you to the top of the zoo. You can also walk to this part by foot as well. For the youngest visitors, there is a special zone for children, where various educational and entertaining events for children take place.

Entertainment and Services

In addition to the already mentioned cable car, which is certainly interesting by itself (by the way, you can get on it only if the weather conditions allow it), there is a special playground for children. Bororo Reservation is a recreation and playground area where it will be interesting not only for children but also for their parents. In this place, you can easily spend half a day.

Bororo Reserve

After long hours of walking, there is no doubt that you can get hungry. Here you have two options, either go to local coffee-shops / restaurants or alternatively, you can bring food with you and have an unforgettable picnic in nature (for this occasion there are special places in the zoo).

The zoo constantly organizes various activities for its young visitors. You can always find a detailed timetable on the official website of the Prague Zoo.

Prices to Visit Prague Zoo 

The zoo has developed a whole system of benefits for different categories of visitors and special discount days.

Typically, an adult ticket to the zoo costs 200 CZK (about 8 euros).

Children under 3 years old walk around the zoo for free.

Tickets for children from 3 to 15 years old cost 150 CZK.

Tickets for students and pensioners (up to 70 years old) also cost 150 CZK. For those who is above 70 years old, the entrance fee is purely symbolic – 1 CZK

If you are planning to visit the zoo with your family, then buying a family ticket will save you some money. It will cost you 600 CZK. The ticket is valid for 2 adults and 2 children.

Tickets are sold at several zoo ticket offices. The main ticket office is opened daily, the southern and northern ones are opened mainly during the weekends, holidays and vacation days.

A funicular (cable car) ride costs  25 CZK.

Opening Hours of Prague Zoo

The zoo is open to visitors every day from 9 am. But the closing is very dependent on the season and daylight hours. Throughout the winter (from November 1 to February 28) the zoo closes at 4 pm. In March, it works for an hour longer – until 5 pm. In spring and autumn (April, May, September, October) the zoo is open until 6 pm. Access over the whole summer is possible until 7 pm.

The ticket offices usually close 30 minutes before the zoo closes. In July and August, the ticket office closes at 7 pm. 

The current schedule is always available on the official website.

How to Get to the Zoo in Prague

The easiest way to get to Prague Zoo is by underground to Nádraží Holešovice, which is the final destination of Prague Metro station on Line C. Then find take a bus 112, which takes you directly to the zoo. Your final destination is named “Zoologická zahrada”. Enjoy!

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and so the zoo is not the only attractive place to put on your list by far. To explore the “City of a Hundred Spires” one day may not be enough! Check out our blog to plan and visit the top attractions in Prague: Tips for Trips: Welcome to Prague!

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