5 Tips on How to Feel at Home in Your New Apartment

Are you a student moving to the Czech Republic? Do you feel nervous? Or are you ready to experience something new? Moving time can be fun but also demanding at the same time. Your new apartment may feel empty and sad when you first come in. We come up with ideas, what is going to help you to make your new home more “homey”. 

A Few Simple Tips to Follow:

1) Deep cleaning

When you come to your new apartment on the first day, make sure you start with deeply clean. We recommend doing it as a first step as we know, you may want to start unpacking and filling the empty space immediately. But make sure you get some disinfectants, rags and start to clean the whole apartment. We believe this gives you a fresh start both literally and figuratively. And you may also get to know your new place much better and will start to feel much more familiar.

2) Decoration

Pictures and photographs make your new place cosier! When you are surrounded by the pictures that inspire you, by the photos of your family members and close friends remind you of good memories and will make you happy and feel like home. So choose some your favourite photos, print them and put them everywhere around the apartment –  in a frame, on the fridge, above the bed and decorate your new space and transform your empty walls into a room in original artwork. There is never too enough of decoration! It can be anything, what about candles and aroma diffuser? Yes! These two things are simply a must-have. It will ring up your whole apartment and add such a warm vibe to your home. We are sure these items will add the homey touches in your new home.


3) Furniture 

Time to focus on interior basics! Get an idea of what the furniture, or other necessities, should look like. If you need some inspiration – Pinterest is a lifesaver! Give yourself a colour tone or a combination of both. Trying to make every piece of the apartment filled – it is important that there is no emptiness in the apartment. Let us help you with furnishing your apartment!

Dining area
Dining area

4) Plants

Go green and create a positive atmosphere! Flowers and plants have a positive effect on your mood, not only do they help clean the air in the room, but they also help reduce stress, which can be extra helpful! Just don’t forget – water, water and water! If you don’t consider yourself a gardener, try cactus – they have always been and will be trendy, so you won’t step aside! It’s important to bring some natural beauty and we know with greenery good energy always comes. 

Plants and Flowers.
Plants and Flowers

5) Lighting

While this may seem like a banality, light can affect how we feel and bring a sense of well-being. You can use anything from simple lamps or fairy tales lights to create a cosy atmosphere. Even LED strips that you buy for a very low price will make a big change in the interior.


We hope these types help you feel at home in your new place and that you get inspired! Do you plan to move to the Czech Republic but you don’t have accommodation yet? How much is the rent for an apartment in Brno? Find out more options on our website as we offer several services for expats.

Source of the images: unsplash.com, everypixel.com

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