Top 6 Reasons to Study a Master’s Degree in the Czech Republic in 2020

Are you looking for a destination for your studies abroad? Then you should definitely consider the Czech Republic. More and more students decide to continue their Bachelor’s studies and get a Master’s Degree precisely in this country. Are you curious why? Do you want to know how you can benefit both personally and academically if you come to the Czech Republic? Here are all the answers! These are the reasons why the Czech Republic is one of the top destinations in 2020 for studying abroad.

1. History and Prestige of Czech Universities

The Czech Republic is very proud of its enhanced and modernized higher education as well as our traditional quality education. Just consider the fact that the oldest university in Central Europe is located in the Czech Republic (The Charles University in Prague). 

The welcoming environment of this country is the reason why there are more than 43,000 international students currently in the Czech Republic. That numbers keep increasing year after year.

You can find some of the best universities in the world for your postgraduate studies in the Czech Republic. Some of them were listed in the Times’ Higher Education Rankings 2020 and the QS World Rankings 2020. Those universities are:

  • Czech Technical University of Prague
  • Charles University
  • University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
  • Palacký University Olomouc
  • Masaryk University

Additionally, degrees in Master of Business Administration (MBA) are attracting the attention of a lot of students. The reason is that most MBA programs use an approach that focuses on practical learning, that is a case-study approach.

Whether you are pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics, Engineering, Language Studies, or anything else, you can find an exceptional university that will provide you with an impeccable learning experience.

More than 43,000 international students currently study in the Czech Republic.

2. Low Tuition Fees

Aside from great universities, Czech Republic is well-known for its low tuition fees. 

Public universities allow you to study for free if your knowledge of the Czech language is at a high enough level. This is because there is no tuition fee for degrees taught in Czech.

When it comes to English-taught degrees, the tuition fee can vary, depending on what university you want to attend and what is your specialization. The average cost can be anywhere from zero to about 20,000 EUR (~$24,000) per year.

The tuition fee for the Master’s program in English doesn’t differ for EU/EAA students and students who are not from the EU.

Regarding private universities, the tuition fee is normally higher, as they are the ones who set the price. However, the amazing thing about Czech Republic education is that there is something for everyone, whether you have the budget for private universities or you want a tuition-free Master’s program.

3. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living is an important factor for students. This is why the Czech Republic is a student-friendly country. Their prices are notably lower compared to other countries in Western Europe.

If you have set your eyes on Europe, but you can’t spend a ton of money on the apartment and other expenses, you’ll be happy to hear that students spend between 350 EUR (~$400) to 700 EUR (~$830) per month.

International students can get additional discounts on transportation, food, cinema, museums, and more with student cards such as the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

“The main reason why I started considering the Czech Republic for my Master’s studies is affordability. I didn’t have much money to spend on my studies abroad, but I wanted to study in a history-rich European country which has a quality education. It seemed like I was aiming too high, but Prague provided me with all of that,” shared Joan Grant, a contributing writer at BestEssaysEducation who spent 3 years in Prague after she gained her Master’s degree.

4. Rich History and Culture

One thing is certain, if you go to the Czech Republic, you will fall in love with its Gothic architecture and turbulent history.

Just take Prague as an example. You can spend weeks exploring all the stories that this city hides. Starting from Prague Castle and Saint Vitus Cathedral, a breathtaking building, where you can find stored the tombs of Bohemian Kings and Roman Emperors.

When in Prague, you can’t miss out on learning more about Charles Bridge, The Astronomical Clock, Lennon’s Wall, etc. 

However, don’t think that Prague is the only gem in the Czech Republic. Other cities like Ostrava, Beroun, Moravská Třebová, and Karlovy Vary also have a lot to offer. Whether you like peaceful places or busy cities, Czech Republic has both. And no matter where you go, you’ll be astounded by the culture, tradition, and historical tales.

You will fall in love with Czechia’s Gothic architecture and turbulent history.

5. Possibilities to Travel throughout Europe

The Czech Republic is located in the centre of Europe, which means that you can easily travel to numerous European countries. Go to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary and expand your cultural awareness.

Living in this incredible country will open doors to many exciting cities throughout Europe. If you are from the US or any other continent, this would be a priceless opportunity to see as much as you can while you are being situated in the ‘heart of Europe.”

6. Employment Opportunities

If your plan is to give a try to work in Europe (after you attain your Master’s degree), the Czech Republic is the perfect place for job opportunities.

Thanks to many international and homegrown companies, new graduates don’t have any trouble with finding appropriate job opportunities. Companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Microsoft, and many others have their representatives in the Czech Republic.

Aside from the major players, the Czech Republic also has a growing startup scene. You’ll notice that entrepreneurship is highly valued, and new co-working spaces are consistently popping up.

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Are You Ready to Experience This Fascinating Country?

Open your mindset towards exploring the Czech Republic and earning your Master’s degree in one of the most beautiful European countries. What leads so many students to this historical state is the combination of cultural richness, quality education, and low prices. What more can a student wish for?

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