5 Vegetarian Foods from Czech Republic You Need to Try

The Czech Republic is known for its meaty dishes. Steaks. Pork. Smoked meat. Goulash. Schnitzel. Czechs love their meat in any and all forms, but what if you’re interested in trying some Czech food for yourself and you’re a vegetarian? 

Regardless of whether you’re travelling to the Czech Republic on holiday and you’re interested in learning about the opportunities out there, or you’re just a fan of Czech food and want to try some for yourself at home, be grounded in the fact there are some tasty vegetarian Czech dishes you have to try.

Today, we’re going to break down some of the most popular veggie Czech foods and share my top five favourites. Each one of these is beautiful and delicious in its own right, so make sure you try them all!

Fried Cauliflowers – Smažený Květák

Perhaps not the most healthy snack or lunch you could choose, but it’s easily the most delicious one. Around five pieces of cauliflower are taken, rolled in egg yolk and flour and are then deep-fried for a while, before being served to you with tartar sauce and potatoes.

This is not the only deep-fried vegetarian dish you will find while travelling the Czech Republic, but it is one of the tastiest for sure.

Dill Soup – Kulajda

“The Czech Republic is famous for its great-tasting soups, and very few come close to the amazing taste and flavours you can find with their dill soup. Typically enjoyed as a starter, you can vary the size depending on what kind of meal you’re having. Don’t worry, the soups are great tasting with more than enough flavours to be a standalone main,” explains Joseph Arnold, a travel writer at Britstudent and Next Coursework.

However, bear in mind this is just one of many soups. Czech soups are full of vegetables, and while they may come with a meat main, you can ask for the soup without it and enjoy the other great tastes they come with. Don’t miss out!

Czech soups are full of vegetables and herbs such as dill. (source of the photo)

Potato Pancakes – Bramboráky

One of my personal favourites, potato pancakes are a popular street vendor snack with larger equivalents in restaurants. These pancakes are super easy to make and really great to watch if you get them from a street vendor. There’s no doubt they’ll make your mouth water.

Barley with Mushrooms – Kuba

The first time I tried Kuba was the time I fell in love with it. While it may not look delicious, to begin with, Kuba for me is the definition of never judging a book by its cover. It’s simple and delicious.

“Kuba used to be eaten by poor people because it didn’t require a lot of ingredients and was really easy to make in bulk, but as the years have gone by, the dish has been experimented with and adapted many times to turn into what it is today,” shares Lucy Mennary, a lifestyle blogger at Australia2Write and Write My X.

Nowadays, you’ll find it in many restaurants with both meat and vegetarian varieties available, a common one containing dried mushrooms with a range of herbs and spices that really make your taste buds pop.

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Fried Cheese – Smažák

It doesn’t matter whereabouts in the world you’re from; it’s hard to say no to fried cheese. A very popular dish to local Czech people, you can have fried cheese as your main course or as an appetizer, and it’s usually made from either Hermelín cheese or Eidam. Either one tastes amazing in my opinion, but there’s room to explore what you look for yourself.

I tried this for myself in Prague as I was roaming the streets and seeing what was out there and it made for a great travelling snack. Yes, this probably isn’t the healthiest dish you can eat (trust me, it isn’t), but if you’re looking for a guilty pleasure or for a snack to indulge yourself in, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Fried cheese
Fried cheese is usually made from either Hermelín cheese or Eidam. (source of the photo)

About the author: Michael Dehoyos is a lifestyle and travel blogger slash editor at Phd Kingdom and Write My Essay. He loves exploring different cultures around the world and helping to bring his experiences to the masses. Also, he is a writer at Coursework Help.

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