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You have already heard about where to go in Brno during the day. But that’s not the only interesting time for Brno. When the sun goes down, this city transforms entirely. After all, Brno is a very rich town in culture and while most restaurants and coffee shops close around 6 or 7 pm it certainly doesn’t mean that the city suddenly goes to sleep. In fact, the opposite is the truth! And I am not talking about clubs and pubs. While it is the truth that Brno is rich in this area as well, my focus today will be slightly different.

Transit in Brno during the night (source)

Summer cinema

Summer cinemas are great! What better way to spend a warm summer evening than with a drink and a couple of friends watching a movie outside? The summer cinema at Spilberk offers you just that! But watch out! The entry to the area of the summer cinema is quite tricky. Just like many of the visitors, I too got lost. When you enter the first courtyard, do not go straight on! You need to turn left and then go around the castle to enter the summer cinema. Once you decide to go, you should also be sufficiently prepared. The weather is even more unpredictable this year and one cannot be too careful. Pack yourself some umbrellas, just in case and watch the Facebook event closely in case of cancellation. Also, look at the weather forecast is a good idea too. Last but not least, I recommend taking a blanket and even some spare sweaters. Despite the fact that we are still in the middle of a summer, temperatures sometimes unexpectedly drop very significantly during the night. The last thing you want is for your immunity to be jeopardized. The summer cinema at Spilberk offers both movies with Czech dabbing as well as movies in English with Czech subtitles but check it before you decide to come. However, Spilberk castle summer cinema isn’t the only one in the city. You can also go to the courtyard of the Brno City Theatre. There is something magical about watching a movie with a view of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul.

The open-air stage of Spilberk castle (source)

Spilberk theatre

Besides the summer cinema, you can also find there a summer theatre. It is one of the buildings of the National Theatre Brno and as well as the Summer cinema, you can find here operas all summer long! The theatre is located in the main courtyard so as opposed to the tricky entrance to the summer cinema, to enter the theatre you can just walk straight on. This is an open-air stage so, as mentioned above, I recommend being careful by watching the weather forecast and coming there equipped accordingly. And don’t forget, as well as any other cinema or theatre, it is strictly forbidden to take video or audio recordings of any of the operas. Also, please be considerate to the artists and turn off your phone or at least your ring tone while you attend one of the performances. You can find out more about the planned performances of the NdB collective in one of our older blog posts.

Street artists

It is next to impossible to give credit to all the interesting artists that regularly perform all over the city centre of Brno, it is probably best if I’ll give you some good locations so you could go listen to them yourself. During my two years of living in Brno, I am confident to say that I have seen everything. From traditional bands dressed in folk costumes to a lonely guy playing on a couple of plastic buckets like a pro. I’ve seen it all and I think that you should too. The best part is that it’s for free. Or better, you can appraise the artists however you see fit. Most, if not all, have some kind of a container in front of them where you can put in your change. And it’s not just during the night, artists tend to perform any time of the day if the weather allows it (sometimes even if it doesn’t). You can find them at various places but there are a few where you can find them almost any time: 

  • Masarykova street – if you are lucky, it is not unusual that you will find more than one
  • The underpass leading from Main train station to Vaňkovka
  • Česká
  • Zelný trh

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Lužánky fun

As mentioned in one of our older Tips for Trips articles, Lužánky is full of fun and activities during the day. But what about during the night? There is nothing easier than grabbing a drink at Ponava pub, get a blanket and walk through the park to engage in something. If the weather allows it, you are almost certain to find a band or a different kind of street art. However, there is no official schedule or plan so whether you will be able to find someone is mostly about your luck. As well as mentioned above, come prepared as much as the weather forecast advises you to be!

This concludes today’s Tips for Trips, I also advise you to check out others if you want to go out of the city for example or even if you want to stay. All of this, as well as the newest developments of the Coronavirus situation, can come to your email on a daily basis in our newsletter.

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