Clarisa & Marco, Two Tenants Who Enjoy Living in Domeq

You can meet a lot of interesting and many-sided people in Domeq. I had the opportunity to interview two of them. Clarisa and Marco from Argentina make a lovely couple that courageously agreed to answer all of my questions!

So, guys, how long have you been living in Domeq?

Marco: We arrived at the Czech Republic in the second half of November. First, we had been living in Airbnb apartment. Then we moved to Domeq on the 1st of December.

Why did you choose Domeq?

Marco: While we have lived in the rented apartment… or even when we were in Argentina, we had been looking at a lot of apartments and agencies in Brno. So, we had a few options. But it was not so easy to arrange anything from Argentina. Finally, we decided just to go and see what would happen. I hoped we would find something.

Marco and Clarisa in Domeq

When we came, the offer was kind of reduced. And a lot of apartments that were suitable for us were highly priced.

But once our Real Estate agent Ha (Relocation Consultant at Foreigners) brought us over here to Domeq… The room which Ha showed us was really interesting. And we still think that this apartment looks beautiful. The lobby is a nice spot where you can come face to face with new people. Moreover, you have a space for co-working.

Clarisa: I work on my own. And I think it is a good place where you can work or study.

Yes. I agree. You both are from Argentina, right? How long are you together?

Marco: We know each other about… 5 years! And we are married about 3 months now, so we got married quietly recently 🙂

Wow, congratulations! And what do you in Brno exactly?

Marco: I am a software developer and working for an IT-company. It is the same company which I was working for back in Argentina.

Clarisa: I came here because of Marco! I am working as a graphic designer. I am trying to keep going my business from here. My clients are mostly from Argentina, so we are trying to find more customers in Brno as well.

That’s exciting. Do you like Brno, so far?

Clarisa: Yes, I like it! It is really different from our country and it is good. We wanted some change. Brno is a very beautiful city, people are very nice.

Marco: This is a small city comparing to where we are from. But at the same time, you have everything you need very close. You also can go to the cinema or do some sports.

Clarisa: But we cannot go to the cinema.

Marco cooking in the common area in Domeq

How come? There are films in English.

Marco: Yes. We can when we want to practise our English 🙂

Have you ever had any troubles with Czechs? I mean if there was some situation when people did not understand you?

Marco: Surprisingly no. We expected it will be much worse with the language. A lot of people told us to be ready for that. Brno is a small city, though, not like Prague, not so multicultural. So almost in every situation, we’ve found people that know English or at least those who were ready to help. No one pretends that is not their problem. It has actually happened to us in Prague. Maybe because they are tired of tourists.

It is possible.

Marco: So, I found that people in Brno have been nicer to us. Oh, I remember we had a problem at a pharmacy…

Clarisa: Yes, but it was fun!

Marco: Yeah, we were trying to communicate with the lady at the pharmacy via google translator. Sometimes, a translation was not clear enough. So, the lady gave us different things that we did not want. But finally, everything was okay.

Clarisa: But this lady was really willing to help, it was very kind of her.

I am happy it all ended up well Let’s go back to Domeq. What do you like here the most?

Marco: Only one thing?

Or more!

Marco: I guess, even though the apartment is small, the lobby seems to be your huge living room. There are not so many people around now, of course, it can change in the future. But now we can finish our cooking upstairs and come downstairs to watch Netflix or some film. At the same time, we can go to see if there is somebody downstairs. So we can play pool or just talk. And we do not need to go outside when it is cold.

Clarisa: The apartment is comfortable as well. The bathroom, the shower…

Is there something you would change in Domeq?

Marco: I think I want to live in a bigger place in the future.For now, it is a plan to stay here temporarily, maybe for a few months.

Clarisa and Marco at Christmas Domeq Opening

But if we would move to a new apartment, we would not have this contact with people which we really like It is impossible to compare accommodation in Domeq with a standard apartment. It is different.

Do you attend our events in Domeq? I remember you joining the Christmas Domeq Opening, for example.

Marco: Yes. We know that International Dinner is coming, there are also MeetUps. It is very nice to have this kind of events near our place of living. There is always something going on. I think we even did not miss any of them!

You are right. Thank you very much for your time and see you around!

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