Ways to Learn Czech and CCE Exam in Prague

One useful thing to know when you live in the Czech Republic is surely the local language. Here at Foreigners, we can help you through the entire process of moving to the country, for example delivering a certified document translation or court interpretation.

If you plan to start working in the Czech Republic, maybe after you got the Czech trade licence, knowing the Czech language will be a great tool to improve your business, allowing you to interact better with your clients and partners at work. Plus, you will be able to experience more of this country. Of course, a lot of foreigners approaching this challenge will soon come to thinking: it’s a tough one! 


If you want to find the Czech language course don’t forget to check our services: we are in cooperation with several institutes all around the Czech Republic, we can help you find one and apply for discounts if there are any. In this article, you’ll find which courses options you have specifically in Prague Also, we will tell you how to attend CCE, the official exam to prove your knowledge of Czech.

First: there are three main options when it comes to attending a language course in the Czech Republic. You can apply to a private one, a public one or attend the Institute  for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University. Whatever your choice is, remember that to state your skills you can attend the CCE (Czech language Certificate Exam). for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University. Whatever your choice is, remember that to state your skills you can attend the CCE (Czech language Certificate Exam).

1) Private course

With that you will be able to choose many teaching options: private lessons or group ones, if to attend in the morning, evening or during lunch breaks; to take an extensive long course or an intensive one. Nevertheless, if you attend private courses no bureaucratic document or procedure is required, it’s giving you more freedom. Obviously, this variety and easiness will cost you some extra bucks, compared to the other two options.

Attending a group lesson is a good way to learn Czech, in Prague you can find plenty of them

2) Public course

Is completely free and provided by the Integration center Prague non-profit organization (ICP). To take such course, its participants pay a refundable deposit of 1500 CZK before the course starts. The deposit is refunded when the student attends at least 70% of the course. Everything is charge-free because the ICP is financed from the funds of the EU asylum, migration and integration Fund, the Ministry of the Interior and the Prague City council. So, you don’t need to pay any money but of course, attendance rules are strict: attendance options are more rigid and you need to provide a legal residence certificate for a period exceeding 90 days. Plus, courses for beginners are only designed for non-EU citizens. Advanced ones are open to EU citizens too.


The Charles University library

3) Course at The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies at Charles University

Here are the options. As for the public courses, a legal residence certificate must be provided, in order to be able to attend the lessons. The fee for a six weeks course covers 675 hours divided into 5 classes per week (150 hours of weekly lessons in total), textbooks and other study material.

4) Apply for the CCE

Have you been attending a Czech course diligently and think that now you crush at speaking Czech? Sign in for the CCEAs mentioned before, the exam is held at The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies. You can apply for it several times throughout the year. Now, how is the exam structured?

It’s almost identical to the IELTS which stands for “international English language testing system”, an official recognition of English operating skills. It consists of a reading comprehension part, a listening comprehension part, a grammar lexical test (but only for B2-C1 levels) a writing test and finally, a speaking test.

There’s an online form to fill in and a fee to pay no later than 7 days after submitting the application form. The address of the building? Here you have it!

To prepare for the test you can find teaching materials specifically aimed for it, including simulations of the test (with the answer sheets within). Also, when you apply for the test a few days before you receive an email with the link for the online simulation of the test. When completed, you receive an evaluation to know better your current stage.

Keep in mind that the CCE is mandatory if you want to apply for a civil servant job here in the Czech Republic. The level required is at least B2.

Not communicating in Czech yet but need to deal with a non-English speaking administrative officer? Use our assistance service!


Group lesson photo source: https://bit.ly/2OUBHkr

Charles University library photo source: https://bit.ly/2zgOJ6L

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