The Minimum of A Czech Tenant: How to Find an Apartment

When renting an apartment in the Czech Republic, you may encounter multiple tricky situations that you may not have foreseen. How do security deposits work? Is it guaranteed that you will get it back? What is required to do to get them back? What do you need to watch out for when searching for an apartment? How to choose your landlord? All of these are frequently asked questions and today we come to you with a comprehensive article to answer them.

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When can I leave?

Your apartment isn’t a hotel! You can only move out after you terminate your contract and the time period after termination passes. The termination of your contract is a formal document and if you rent an apartment with us, we can also help you out with preparing the termination. This time period is mentioned in your contract. Some landlords want you to stay one more month after you terminate your contract, some prefer three. Watch out for this when you read the contract and when you consider moving out! You still have to pay the rent during this period so plan your next move accordingly. One more thing that is important to deal with before you leave is whether the landlord returns you the security deposit.

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Security deposit: What is the function and how to get it back?

You are trying to rent an apartment and your possible future landlord asks you to pay a security deposit. So first of all, what is it? It is an extra payment added to your first rent. In most cases, the security deposit is the amount of one month’s rent but according to the law, the deposit can be up to 3 months worth of rent. Is there any damage to the room after you leave? All of these possible issues will be covered by your security deposit. However, if no such thing occurs, you should get your deposit back one month after you move out.

Does your landlord still not want to give you your security deposit back despite there being no issue? If you rent an apartment with us, we will handle this entire process for you! Every landlord has a different approach to agreements regarding the security deposit. Therefore it is necessary to start off the relationship with them in a good way so you can avoid possible misunderstandings and complications in the future. Would you like to find out more? We have an article dedicated solely to the security deposit!

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How to recognize a good landlord? 

As a tenant, it is important to find a reliable landlord and maintain a good relationship with them. Some landlords have very strict preferences. Some are very laid back and open. Every landlord is different and it is important when choosing an apartment to choose your landlord just as carefully. Does he not like pets in his house and you have a cat? Going behind their back and moving it in any way is not the way you want to go! Are they very strict about smoking in the apartment? Ask them if it is okay to smoke on the balcony or don’t do it at all!

Your landlord, in turn, will help you out with any necessary adjustments to your apartment. Some can provide some furniture for you. Some are very good at fixing things around the apartment. Some give back extra payments for utilities, some have fixed prices. Some speak English, some don’t – if some of our landlords don’t, we, of course, provide mediation services, including our VIP package that is for free during the first year of your contract. Some are even willing to postpone payment if an extraordinary event happens to you. Essentially whenever there is some kind of a problem with your apartment, your landlord will help you out. That’s why it is important to set up good cooperation with them.

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Is the deal too good to be true?

That’s a valid question! Just like any other industry, the real estate field also has one or two bad apples. For this specific reason, it is important to check the background of the owner. Do they have any reviews? Can you find any information about them at all? If you can’t find anything about them, you should definitely watch out. Ask questions about your apartment! Does it fit your needs? Is there anything that looks a little bit fishy? And last but not least, check the contract! If it’s only in Czech, ask for a translated version, or bring it to us and we can translate it for you! Nevertheless, read it carefully and ask questions about everything that you aren’t sure about. That way you can avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Sometimes, renting an apartment can be complicated. That’s why it is beneficial to have someone to help you out. We have a large portfolio of apartments for families and individuals of all budgets. Just contact us and we will find the best one for you!


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