How to Feel at Home Abroad

Living abroad is an exciting but difficult experience at first. Every expats has faced the culture shock, the feeling of being disconnected to your loved ones, and wondering if you have made the right choice… We know it but don’t worry, it won’t last forever! It’s not easy to overcome homesickness, but it’s possible. We have summed up some tools to begin feeling at home in your new city!



Our first tip is the following: as we say, home is where the heart is. Therefore, it is important to feel at home in your new place. To adapt to your new apartment, transform it into a place you want to spend time in. Decorating is a big part of turning your temporary accommodation into an actual home. You can use things that have sentimental value. For example, hang up some photos from home. It sounds like a small detail, but put away the suitcase. It will always remind you that you’re not at home.



Once you are familiar with your sweet home, go out and explore your neighborhood. It will be your happy place! After checking out familiar and touristic places, you should start looking for hidden places that will make your journey unforgettable! Find your favorite parks, cafes, restaurants, and bars. With time flying, you will easily know the city like a local and you won’t feel like a tourist anymore.



Our third piece of advice is to find a new hobby and keep yourself busy. It’s really important to stay in touch with your family, but don’t be stuck on your phone and stop comparing your new life with the one you were used to. Try to find a balance and find something that will keep you busy. You will have always something to look forward to. Establishing a routine will easily connect you to new people!



Don’t be afraid to feel alone the first few days. It’s totally normal! Our fourth piece of advice is to make friends. No matter how good your English is, when you get along with someone and do fun activities, you will become more comfortable! Make friends that share the same interests as you via MeetUps or Facebook groups! The more people you know, the easier it will be to not feel alone! You never know what kinds of relationships you can build when you go outside of your comfort zone!



Last but not least, find someone with whom you can talk to like a helping hand! Feeling homesick is normal, everyone can be sad but don’t let it determine your day! Countless amount of expats abroad went through exactly the same feelings! Remember that you are only abroad for a limited period, no matter how long, it’s an enriching experience full of challenges, fun and people! It would be a pity to not enjoy it as much as you could!



Anyway, if you’re in the Czech Republic and need help for anything related to your relocation or immigration, Foreigners is here to help! We also organize the mentioned monthly MeetUp to gather expats in the country and help you to make new friends!

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Camille Springaux

Hello dear readers, I am a French student living in Prague for a few months. In love with food and nature, I like to share my personal experiences and my travels with others! Enjoy ❤

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