From Visa Arrangement to IT Support: Introducing Foreigners Services!

#ForeignersServices is not just accommodation or residence permits. We provide complex relocation services for expats in the Czech Republic. Whether you came across our company for the first time or you’re already our client, learn about our unique story and find out what we can do for you.


We increase mutual understanding.


Who are we?

A unique idea created by two students of Hradec Králové, Foreigners Services started fighting the uneven conditions for expats trying to rent an apartment in the Czech Republic. With growing success, our portfolio expanded as well.

In 2013, our founders Andrea and Vojta broke up, but with mutual understanding and great communication, the agency kept running and becoming more and more successful.

Ten years later, Foreigners offers almost 40 different services! You can find our offices in six Czech citiesBrno, Hradec KrálovéOlomouc, Pardubice, Pilsen, and Prague.


How can we help you?

Our services are divided into seven categories. Let’s break down each one of them and help you navigate through them.


Property Services

Finding the perfect accommodation on your own can be a tricky task. Use our Property Finder and search through Foreigners-approved real estate. Check out our handy guide here.

Or take a break and let us choose the perfect property for you to rent or buy. Once you find your dream place, we can further help you with Internet arrangement, furniture assembly, or cleaning service.


Immigration Services

The most important part of your relocation is the immigration process. Are you confused about the type of visa or residence permit? Consult your possibilities with us. 

We will give you a hand with an employee card, invitation letter and proof of accommodation, too. Plus, we will explain the difference between apostilization and legalization and contact the authorities to process all the steps.


We are in six Czech cities!


Health Care Services

Don’t forget about comprehensive health insurance that will guarantee you access to complete medical care – including urgent care, dentistry, and diagnostic care.


Transport Services

Are you relocating with your car? Let us arrange the car registration for you. No driving license? No problem! Obtain one directly in the Czech Republic.

We also offer moving services for a stress-free process with our movers. In the case you’re traveling light and moving with suitcases only, our private transfer will await you at the airport.


Language Services

The Czech language is not the easiest and requires a lot of studying. For that reason, we offer you Czech language courses or language assistance.

For official means, check out our translation and court interpretation services.


Business Services

Let’s talk business. 9 to 5 job is not for everyone. Do you have a great business idea? Or are you interested in freelancing?

Contact us with your idea and let’s achieve your goal together.


Other Services

How about everyday tasks or special occasions? Whether it’s a wedding or a private concierge for multiple services, Foreigners got you. We offer school search, IT support, and even handymen for minor household repairs.


Contact us if you need assistance, so you can enjoy your #LifeInCzechia. If you want to feel at home, check out our categories of “Living” and “Practical Tips for Expats” where you find all kinds of tips and information for a smooth transition to your new life.

Monika Tužinská

Hey, my name is Monika. I love exploring the world and learning new languages. I worked in the USA for several months and moved to Brno a year ago, so I know how it feels to live in a different country. Let's discover Czech Republic together.

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