State Humanitarian Accommodation – Changes from 1 July 2023

#ImmiUpdatesCzechia Are you a Ukrainian refugee? The Czech Republic offers state humanitarian accommodation to individuals fleeing the armed conflict in Ukraine who do not have their own housing within the country. From 1 July 2023, there are several important changes. Find out more in our article!

Humanitarian accommodation is provided for a limited duration.


What is the State Humanitarian Accommodation?

It refers to the temporary housing provided for a limited duration of 150 days. During this period, it is essential for individuals to secure their own housing through regular contractual arrangements. The Czech Republic offers this accommodation free of charge and exclusively allocates it through the Regional Assistance Centres for Ukraine (KACPU).

When allocated to state humanitarian accommodation, individuals will receive a written “Accommodation Allocation Information” certificate containing the address, contact details, and basic information regarding their rights and responsibilities.

How to calculate the 150 days? It starts the day after the date on which temporary protection is first granted.

After the 150-day period, the entitlement to free state humanitarian accommodation expires.

However, vulnerable individuals are exempt from this time limitation and will continue to receive free accommodation beyond the 150 days. 

Who are Vulnerable Individuals?

To be classified as vulnerable, you must be one of the following: under 18 years of age

  • over 65 years of age
  • persons caring for a child under 6 years of age
  • disabled persons or holders of a card certifying a disability (including their carers)
  • persons studying in the Czech Republic up to the age of 26
  • pregnant women

You need to demonstrate your vulnerability by applying for humanitarian benefits. You can do so here.

How Do You Choose the Allocation?

The allocation of state humanitarian accommodation is final and cannot be chosen by the individual. Due to capacity limitations, individuals are unable to select their preferred accommodation.

In general, changing the accommodation you have been allocated is impossible. You can only change for serious reasons:

  • The accommodation does not meet the person’s health or social service needs
  • The accommodation facility will no longer provide state humanitarian accommodation
  • Living together as a close family (in situations where close family members are granted state humanitarian accommodation and considered vulnerable persons, while other family members are not eligible, the non-eligible members must find alternative accommodation after the 150 days. If the family wishes to stay together, they can actively search for combined accommodation that provides both state humanitarian accommodation and paid accommodation under a regular contractual relationship.)

How does Entitlement to State Humanitarian Accommodation Expire?

Entitlement automatically expires when:

  • if the person (including vulnerable people) refuses the accommodation (except for particularly serious exceptions recognized by KACPU, e.g. a barrier building for wheelchair users),
  • after 150 days from the first grant of temporary protection, unless you are a vulnerable person,
  • if the person has not been present in the accommodation for more than 10 days and has not notified the accommodation provider in writing of the reason for and duration of his/her absence from the accommodation,
  • if the person moves and their new accommodation has not been allocated by KACPU (i.e. it is no longer state humanitarian accommodation).


If you have moved, you must report your change of address to MOI. You have 3 working days to do so.

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