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One of the hardest parts of the lockdown situation is surely the fact that we do not spend our days exactly how and where we would want to. Hence, we wanted to cheer up by dreaming about our favourite places in Prague. We asked you on our Instagram stories “What are YOUR favourite Prague spots?”. Right from the beginning, it was clear there is no need for thinking about the amusing spots for too long cause there are so many of them! So, here is the list we have created together with our followers.

instagram poll
We asked our followers what are Prague´s most beautiful places in their opinion.


Letná is a hill nearby the Prague castle, with a wonderful view of our gorgeous city of Prague with a movie-like atmosphere. This place is a very famous spot, which is popular with all generations. One can choose from many options on how to enjoy the stunning views. It can be either from the Metronom (also known as Staliňák) or with a glass of beer in Letná beer garden. Another good idea is also taking a walk along the Letná 🙂 

Letná view
Letná was mentioned numerous times.

2.Prague Botanic Garden

Not only Prague’s Zoo is mesmerizing but so is the Botanic Garden! If you are a fan of strolls, this place offers lovely paths where there is always something to see all year round. The area of the botanic garden offers many outdoor expositions which will take you all around the world’s faunas and floras.

Another thing worth mentioning is the Fata Morgana Greenhouse, where exotic species of plants and blooming tropical flowers can be found. The greenhouse is worth visiting especially in these cold, mundane days. The atmosphere in Fata Morgana can surely rip one out of reality.

Botanic Garden


Petřín lookout tower is surely one of the inseparable landmarks of Prague. Offering beautiful surroundings of nature just as the two places mentioned above, also Petřín is a great option for walks and spending time in nature. But do keep in mind that Petřín is a lookout tower on a hill, so this alternative might be breathtaking indeed, and not just because of the stunning views.

4.Riegrove sady

City park Riegrove sady situated in Vinohrady is one of the most sought-after spots in Prague. This park named after a Czech politician is a great place for having a picnic with your friends with a view of Prague Castle, Hradčany or Petřín. The park is also surrounded by cute cafés and restaurants for those who came unprepared for the picnic.

Riegrovy sady

5.View From the Old Town Hall

I am sure every single one of you has probably visited the historical Old Town Square but have you ever been to the Old Town Hall? I think, in this case, no words are needed, take a look yourself!

Old town hall view

Old Town Square
The iconic Christmas markets take place in the Old Time Square.


Náplavka is a place right on the banks of the Vltava river. Throughout the year this place offers a lot of social and sports events or concerts. This place is a magnet for families with children and young adults for its unforgettable atmosphere. Cannot wait for the hot summer nights spent hanging out and chatting with friends in Náplavka!

Vltava river
There can be found many beautiful spots along the Vltava river.

7. Prague Beer Museum

Finally, for those who have had their fair share of sightseeing,  here Prague Beer Museum comes to the rescue! Prague Beer Museum is a chain of pubs in the city of Prague offering more than 30 kinds of Czech village craft beers. Therefore, if you want to taste the true flavour of Prague, this is the place for you! 


Summing up your tips, it seems like people of Prague can never get enough views and walks. Luckily, many of the mentioned places are also available now during the pandemic and you can always take a stroll through beautiful Petřín or Riegrove sady. Sadly, for experiencing the atmosphere of Letná Beer Garden, Prague Beer Museum or Náplavka events we will have to wait a bit more. Until then, let’s come up with yet more places to get excited about! What are your other recommendations? Follow Foreigners Prague on Instagram and let us know!

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