How to Obtain a Driving License in Czechia?

#LifeInCzechia Public transport is cheap, environment friendly, and efficient… But there is nothing like the freedom of just driving your car directly to your destination. Plus, a car is a necessity in secluded areas, for families with children, and for overall comfort. It can also help you get a job! What do you need to do to obtain one? Find out in our article!


Find an English-speaking driving school.


To apply for a driving license in the Czech Republic, you need to comply with several requirements:

  • Age limit: according to the new amendment, you can do the driving test as soon as your 17th birthday. (Note that you will need to drive under the surveillance of a mentor until you’re 18 years old)
  • Residence in the Czech Republic: as a foreigner, you will need your residence permit and your passport
    • Medical confirmation: before taking the practical driving test, you must undergo a medical examination by an authorized medical professional. (Note that this examination is not covered by health insurance)
  • Clean record

Driving School

Are you not fluent in Czech? No problem! There are many English-speaking driving schools in Prague and Brno, but you can find some in Hradec Králové, Pilsen, and other cities as well. 

Type of training

Traditionally, all driving school students were taught how to drive a car with manual transmission. Now, there is the possibility to get a driving license for cars with automatic transmissions only.

Be aware that automatic transmission training is more expensive and it will be written on the driving license. For that reason, you can never drive a car with manual transmission.


Classes are divided into theoretical and practical training. In the theoretical part, you will learn about vehicle regulations, car operation and maintenance, and driving theory including the meaning of road signs.

In addition, you need to pass a first aid course consisting of theoretical explanation, practical training on a manikin, and passing a test.

In the practical part, they will teach you how to drive during various weather conditions and park in a designated parking lot. On top of that, you will face diverse critical situations that the instructor will help you to solve.

A specimen of a Czech driving license.


Once you have completed the mandatory driving lessons, and theory classes and passed the first aid course and medical examination, you are ready to take the tests.

Firstly, you will need to pass a theoretical test with questions about road traffic regulations. You can earn as much as 50 points. To pass the test, a minimum of 43 points is required.

Secondly, a practical driving test with a police officer follows. It starts with testing the parking skills and continues with a ride in the traffic.

After passing, the only thing left is to apply for a physical driving license card.


Check out our category Practical tips for expats and Living for more information and tips to make your life in Czechia easier. Do you prefer professional assistance? Do not hesitate to contact us and let us guide you through the driving-license process. We are here to help!

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