Top 7 Events from Pardubice and Around

#LifeInCzechia Let’s dive back into our series of Top 7 events in the Czech cities – the next one on the list of cities that know how to entertain is Pardubice. Wine tasting, Olympic run or American festival… you name it and Pardubice has it!

Pardubice offers lots of events for fans of music as well as for sports people.

Wine Tasting in Pardubice (Pardubické víno koštování)

The traditional wine tasting takes place every summer, usually during June. This year, it happened on 17th June in Natura Park Ekocentrum Paleta from 11 AM until 8 PM. The entrance costs 150 CZK and it is paid at the spot. The ticket price includes a tasting glass. However, this is only one of many events in Pardubice where you can taste delicious wine – if you are interested but can not make it for this date, check other wine tasting events here.


T-mobile Olympijský běh

After a two-year break, The T-mobile Olympic run happened again in Pardubice, more concretely in the Park na Špici. Competitors were awaited by a circuit leading through the Studánka forest park, the surface of the track consists mainly of gravel, then for the most part forest roads and there is also an asphalt surface. Of course, there are always several runs to pick from.

Due to its difficulty, the track is also suitable for beginners. Join this summer run, enjoy the joy of movement and contribute with your participation to the account of the Czech Olympic Foundation. Read more here. festival

Hrady CZ is a summer cultural festival focused on castles (hrad = castle in Czech 🙂). This year it is the 18th year of the festival and as always, it takes place during the summer at important Czech and Moravian historical monuments in eight different regions of the Czech Republic. Enjoy a part of this festival at Kunětická hora near Pardubice! Read more here. 


Summer Night Food Festival 

Thanks to its big popularity, a unique concept of an evening food and drink festival right in the city center in Bubeníkové sady takes place every summer. Come and enjoy carefully selected delicacies in the open air. Wash it down with beer, wine or a cocktail and dance to the accompaniment of Dj. There is enough space on the grass to enjoy the atmosphere either at the table or for a picnic on a blanket. Read more here. 


Sports Park

A unique summer sports festival for young and old visitors – 9 days full of sports in Park na Špici. The whole family plays sports – this is the vision of the August event, which follows on from the successful Pardubice Olympic Park 2016 project and is visited by over 100,000 people every year. The goal is to show not only children that sports are a great way to spend free time.

You can see dozens of Pardubice sports clubs presenting various types of sports, presented on permanent and variable sports fields. Children, for whom the park is mainly intended, will find out for themselves which sport is tailor-made for them. Adults then get the opportunity to try the activities that they have in their sights but have not yet had the opportunity to “touch” them closer. Read more here. 


Friends fest 

This summer festival takes place at Dostihové závodiště Pardubice. This year it is the 8th anniversary of this family festival full of  America – from the Burger eating competition to the Strongman Show. Therefore you can expect lots of fun, music and food. Please, be aware that you can only pay by cash in the whole campus of the event.  Read more here.


Pirate Swing Band Gala 2023

The unique Pirate Swing Band concert project by Jiří Ševčík has its 10th year Jubilee this year, happening at Dům hudby in November. The twenty-member big band offers something completely unique every year. The traditionally sold-out Pirate Gala Concerts promise to be of the highest brilliance. So forget everything you’ve heard about swing and get ready for a festive evening where everything is different and which will refresh and entertain you. Read more here.


As you can see, Pardubice is a great place to have fun and meet new people. Whether you live here, or just plan a weekend trip, we believe you will be satisfied and enjoy the city to its fullest with the events it offers.



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