Top 7 Events in Hradec Králové

#LifeInCzechia Another city in our series TOP 7 EVENTS IN CZECH CITIES is Hradec Králové. Have you ever visited this beautiful city? Whether you are into something more artistic, such as a ceramics market, or you would rather do something adventurous, like night scooter riding, you can find it in this city!

Markets, MovieDay or NightRide – Hradec Králové offers many options.


Like some other Czech cities, Hradec Králové also has its Majáles. Day full of music, fun and joy. Be aware that although its name does sound like May, it took place in April this year. So, be sure to check the date and don’t miss out! You can read more here. 

Building of May

Want to experience Czech tradition? Easter is already over and Christmas is too far. Well, come for an afternoon filled with folk costumes and famous buildings of May. It took place on the 29th of April this year between 2:30 PM and 6:00 PM this year. Stay tuned for the upcoming year´s Building of May – find out more here. 

Burning of Witches

Another tradition which is famous all over Czechia is burning of witches. However, it is worth mentioning that, unlike most Czech cities, you can experience this tradition in multiple places in Hradec – and also, it takes through the weekend of 29 and 30 of April. You can read more here.

Days of European movies

Movies from all over Europe – of course, expat-friendly. The movies are played in English with Czech subtitles and they are of different genres so there is something for everyone. You have to buy a ticket for some of the movies, however, most of them are free. And in case you can’t decide which one to watch, you can go to the In Blind movie – a movie that is unknown to the audience until the moment it starts playing. It takes place for a week in April each year and you can read more here. 

Night Motorcycle Riding

This event takes place just for the thrill of it – to bring all the lovers of motorcycles together. It is happening in May, so the weather is great right for this type of event – not too cold, and since it’s night, not too hot either. You can register for this adventure or read more about it here. 

Martinské Trhy

The old Czech proverb claims “If Martin comes on the white horse, you can expect snowing after snowing!”. As Martin has name day on the 11 of November, people are already expecting snow in Czechia by this time. And in case it is snowing on this date, they also expect that it will snow on Christmas Eve on the 24 of December.

Nevertheless, it is a tradition in some Czech cities, Hradec Králové included, to celebrate this day by holding a market. Although this year it takes place the day after Martin´s name day, it will be an enjoyable day full of stands and music. Come to building Adalbertina between 9 AM and 4 PM or read more here.

Ceramics Market

Pottery workshops, glass and ceramic stalls. Just come to Tylovo nábřeží (centre of Hradec Králové) and get inspired or buy a special piece of pottery! The ceramics market takes place in August, so the weather will be perfect to spend an afternoon outside. Last but not least, there is no need to buy tickets. Read more here. 

As you can see, Hradec Králové can sit proudly on our list of cities with attractive events. It offers something for everyone all year round. Which event are you planning to attend?



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