Tips for Trips: Welcome to Olomouc!

Located on the Morava River, Olomouc is the sixth-largest city in the Czech Republic. The city has the second largest and the second historic preservation zone in the Czech Republic. The city has numerous historic religious buildings and contains several large squares designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Olomouc Town Square

Olomouc embodies a perfect balance of elegant, historical architecture and modern, colorful attractions. Despite its considerable charms, this city has not been discovered by tourists. However, if you decide to visit this city, here is a list of spots to see in Olomouc:

Holy Trinity Column

The Olomouc Holy Trinity column, placed in the main square, is 35 m high and was built between 1716 and 1754. These columns became one of the most visible features of Baroque architecture worldwide. The purpose of these columns was to celebrate the church and the public faith that flourished in the Catholic countries during the 17th – 18th centuries. 

Olomouc Holy Trinity Column

Astronomical Clock

Not far from the Holy Trinity column, you can find the 14-meters-high Olomouc Astronomical Clock. It is located on the Northern facade of the town hall. The clock indicates the current minute, hour, day, month, year, and phase of the moon, the star map, the sun, the planets, and the twelve zodiac signs. Also, the clock’s calendar represents some of the most important days of the Communist regime. The clock had been rebuilt several times during history and nowadays it is in the reconstruction phase. 

Olomouc historical religious buildings

The Olomouc’s most prominent historic religious building is Saint Wenceslas Cathedral. The church had numerous renovations and additions reflecting the Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque styles. 

The Church of Saint Maurice, a fine Gothic building of the 15th century, located in the city center, remains the most important landmarks of the city. It was designated the National Cultural Landmark by the government in 1995. Its towers guarantee a breathtaking view of the whole Olomouc and its surroundings. 

Another notable landmark of Olomouc is Saint Michael’s Church.  It is characterized by its three domes symbolizing the Holy Trinity. The church was consecrated on 9 May 1707. However, in July 1709, it was damaged by a large fire.

Last but not least – the Olomouc Orthodox Church. It was built and consecrated to St. Gorazd in 1939. In 1950 it became a cathedral because Olomouc is the seat of the Olomouc-Brno eparchy. This monument commemorates 1,188 Yugoslav soldiers who died during World War I in local hospitals after being wounded on battlefields.

Saint Wenceslas Cathedral
Olomouc Orthodox Church

Olomouc Military Hospital 

It is the oldest Czech military hospital. It is located in the former Hradisko monastery and represents a teaching hospital of the Faculty of Military Health of the University of Defence. Despite its name, it treats all patients and displaces 265 beds. During the centuries, the Hradisko monastery was destroyed and devastated several times. Nevertheless, nowadays it embodies a spirit of high baroque style. The large complex occupies more than one hectare and it has been declared a cultural heritage site since 1995. 

Olomouc Military Hospital

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Photo credit: Jakob Bartošík

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