Cycling Obsession

If you haven’t noticed yet, here is the truth: Czech people are obsessed with sports. If you were born in this country, you know what a regular workout means. When you’re still too young, your parents will put you in a special cart behind their bikes and take you cycling.

Going on a bike ride without pedaling? Sounds pretty cool, ha?! However, things get tough when you get on your feet and start walking. You’re immediately switched from a comfy cart to a hardcore bike without pedals. Yep, no pedaling here either. What you are supposed to do though, is to keep your balance  and pull yourself off the ground using your feet. That’s where the real hard work begins.

It’s obvious: when you start cycling at such early age, you’ll still be passionate about cycling when you grow older. While other European capitals, like Amsterdam or Berlin, are designed particularly for city bikes, Prague and the Czech Republic are perfect for off road cycling.

Don’t get me wrong: cycling paths are quite spread around the city of Prague, although in certain cases you might need to cross the main roads where must be careful. However, there’s a slight disadvantage: since Prague and Brno are based on a series of hills, cycling up and down can get quite challenging. Czech countryside, on the other hand, is not that steep, and will charm you with lovely landscapes.


If you’re looking for a bike to rent, there are a few options available: Rekola and Velonet are 2 reliable companies based in Brno which we strongly recommend! Same discourse for Praha Bikes and City Bike Prague in the capital city!

When you feel confident enough, get ready for some great 2-wheeled adventures in our beautiful country!


Annie Fed