7 Reasons Why to Move in Domeq

Brno – second largest city of the Czech Republic – attracts many nomads, students, expats in general. However, as in every expats’ friendly city, it is hard to find short-term accommodation. At least it was before the opening of Domeq.

Domeq is an international hub for everyone who is looking for a place to live in Brno. The shortest you can stay is only one month and to be honest, the living conditions are more than great! Today, we have summed up 7 reasons why to stay in Domeq!

1. English! The reception is open 24/7 so if you have any trouble regarding your apartment, English speaking receptionists will help you to solve it immediately!

English-speaking reception at Domeq is working 24/7.

2. Domeq residents don’t worry about most of the typical apartments related administration, meaning signing up for your own utilities (electricity, gas, water), for example. In Domeq, you have a fixed amount to pay and always a price to rely on. Moreover, you won’t have to pay more if you overuse. Great deal, isn’t it?

3. As mentioned above, Domeq is international so it’s more than easy to meet people from all over the world there. Domeq offers a lobby (perfect for working, studying or hanging out) with TVs, billiard pool, high-quality ovens to enjoy cooking together and invite your friends around! What’s more, if you are a keen piano player, there are 2 pianos for your practice! Furthermore, Domeq has a very comfortable living room zone with sofas, beanbags and coffee tables!

Domeq tenants use the lobby for both working & having fun!

4. For business entrepreneurs, there is also a small conference room with a projector which can be useful also if you want to watch a movie with your friends!

5. To save time and do something for your body, there is a free bike rental for Domeq tenants available every day from 8 AM to 8 PM!

6. Domeq offers 2 great terraces, at the 6th and 12th floor. One of them is wide and suitable for BBQs and morning or evening yoga classes (which are provided regularly in Domeq, check Facebook), while the other one is smaller with a unique view.

Especially at Domeq events, you can meet people from all over the world.

7. Many events happen in Domeq: MeetUps by Foreigners, musical jam sessions, flea market, rooftop events… Depends on your mood and interest which one you want to join. There are options for everyone!

As we like to say, Domeq is not only an accommodation, it’s a lifestyle! If you are looking for short-term accommodation in Brno, Domeq is the best place you can find!

Lucie Patkova

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