Domeq: Everything Accommodation Can Give You

If I was an expat moving to Brno I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. Domeq is the place where I would want to live. Why? Keep reading to find out!

I never lived in a dorm because I didn’t like the idea of living in a tiny space with old furniture and a common bathroom and kitchen. While I was studying, the price for private shared apartments in the Czech Republic was about the same. Hence, my decision.

But the truth is, sometimes I missed being in the middle of a community and living in a sort of campus, a “little town in a town”, where I could find everything I needed for my everyday life. And now something exactly like that is here: Domeq – a residential tower of 159 rooms built by one of the leading European development companies.

Domeq residential building

Domeq is a modern building designed for your absolute comfort. It has smaller, cozy rooms as well as bigger apartments, all brand new, where you can live alone or share it with your friend, partner, classmate, colleague, whoever. All units have a kitchen corner, bathroom, separate toilet, and all the basic, necessary furniture. And just like in any apartment, there’s room to improvise. Are there two beds in your suite but you want to live alone? No problem. Use the second bed as a couch!

Study area and chill-out zones

The trendy rooms are just the beginning. In the common areas, tenants can find privacy to study, read, have some coffee and relax.The large terrace has a beautiful view for quieter moments. For friendly conversation, tenants have plenty of opportunities to mingle and meet new people; there is a place for workshops, presentations, social events or simply hanging out while playing the piano! The sharing of ideas, professional or creative, is what Domeq is all about.

Do you need to get your room cleaned while you are working, studying or jogging (yes, the neighbourhood is a jogging-friendly area)? Order a cleaning service and you’ll return to a fresh, clean room! Do you need to get your clothes washed? Ask for access to the laundry room or take advantage of the laundry service!

Rooms in Domeq are all furnished

If something breaks or is damaged, if you have a question or you need help with anything, big or small, just visit the reception. After office hours, a security service guards the building to make sure you feel safe and have a good night’s sleep.

Clever public transport connections

Okay. You live in Domeq. But you still need to leave this cool multifunctional house once in a while, right?You’ve got to go to work, to school, to meet some friends, travel… Well, good news. Domeq is located very close to the city centre of Brno – you can walk to the main train station in about 10 minutes or get there by tram in only 4 minutes! It’s super-fast and super-easy. Domeq was built on Škrobárenská street and has a tram stop (Kovářská) just around the corner, which makes it easy to get to Technology park or University Campus in Bohunice. Is your office in the Spielberk office park? Get there by bike (you can rent those here, too) in 10 minutes! In case you’ve got your own car, there are parking spaces available right by the building as well.

Common lobby in Domeq

What else is important to have around? Right, a grocery store. Take a stroll and buy what you need at Lidl or the shopping centre Vaňkovka. Or just go to the small shop directly in Domeq that is expected to open very soon. It’ll have groceries and other basic needs ready for you.

As you can see, Domeq is not only a place to stay. It’s a lifestyle, a type of accommodation that makes you feel at home and gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy your life in a new country as a student, young professional or a traveler looking to spend more time in Brno to learn about the city’s culture. All this is something that was missing in Brno, but it has finally found its way here!

For more details have a look at our website and send an email to Also, follow Domeq on Facebook!

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