Better Self, Better World Conference: How One Day Can Change the State of Your Mind

In the life of every human, there come times when we simply don’t function well: we lack motivation or a nudge to finally make something happen and to get things in order. One cloudy autumn morning at the Better Self, Better World conference held by Foreigners brought lucky visitors the flow of inspiration and encouragement to make their lives fulfilled & well-balanced.

Martin Kolenička talking about expectations from the relationships between humans

When the first speaker, Petr Ludwig, stepped up on the podium in the Brno cinema Scala, the crowd began to listen. A highly motivational speech and a constant smile on the face were a beautiful start of the day full of energy and personal growth. He talked about how to fight procrastination, control your mind and make the most out of every day you live on the planet. As Peter’s favorite Japanese proverb says:

“Vision without action is a daydream.

An action without a mission is a nightmare.”

Petr is an author of the worldwide famous book The End of Procrastination, which has been translated into 17 languages. If you want to read our personal review of the book and get motivated, have a look at this article.

However, it’s not the only highlight of the conference: visitors got a chance to learn about the stories of courageous and incredibly inspirational women such as Dana Embree, Cristina Muntean (both Romanian) and Renata Mrázová (Czech), the 8th most influential Czech woman ranked by Forbes magazine, who had the guts to move to another country (-ies) and start their own career with leaving the safety of their native home behind. These topics are extremely important for modern society where a human is constantly being torn between family and job. Ladies covered it perfectly sharing their personal experience of how hard it is to preserve your personal relationships and family happiness while facing the challenges of the new environment.

Renata Mrázová being interviewed by Andrea Tkačuková

One of the strongest sides of the conference was, for sure, a wide variety of topics. Two cheerful dentists, twins Eva and Hana from DUO SMILE Dental Care told us about the main principles of a healthy and balanced life and revealed a few secrets from the holistic approach to modern medicine such as staying away from toxic people and how every teeth is connected to the specific organ of our body. One of the peaks of the whole day was Frank Tomas Grapl Junior, a leader of the Whakaari Rotorua performance group who gave a strong speech about how we are all connected in this world and even taught us a small part of Whakaari performance where male participants HAD TO dance half-naked.

Andrea Tkačuková and Tomas Grapl greeting in a traditional Maori way

And do you want to know how to keep your clients happy all the time? Always give them a cherry on top! That was the main message from Martin Kolenička, the founder of HCA Brno.

Let’s find out what other visitors have to say about the conference:

Dario, Bosnia and Herzegovina: “The conference was a day full of the best people who have had the courage to take risks and share with us both – the light they found in their life and the cracks through which this light came in. It was a powerful dose of inspiration for everybody.”

Valentine, Belgium/American: “I enjoyed seeing a variety of perspectives and of course some resonated more than others. I particularly enjoyed Renata Mrázová, my brilliant friends Eva and Hana from DUO SMILE, and the dip into Maori culture. It was also fun to share a little California vibe and chat with a kindred spirit Adam Mišík. Overall, a nice event.”

Jason, half South Korean and half American, & Charish, Philippines: “A day full of inspiration, insights, and wonderful people!… Being a foreigner anywhere isn’t always easy, but attending this English speaking event and hearing all the stories of struggle & triumph many of you went through really made us feel more at home & optimistic about what we’re capable of here. Please continue to better the world by helping others better themselves!”

Cristina Muntean, an expert in personal branding, at the conference

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Photos: Supriya Joon

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