In Need of a Comfortable, Office-Like Place to Work? Book Your Desk at Impact Hub Brno!

Are you looking for an inspiring place and a suitable work environment? Would you like to work on your development and still feel like at home? Are you tired of sitting in cafés for hours or bored by your lonely home office? Visit Impact Hub Brno at Cyrilská 7, ten minutes by foot from the Main Train Station. This is where you can become part of a successful dynamic community that builds on trust, professionalism, and cooperation.

The Impact Hub is an English-friendly space that combines the advantages of a fully equipped office space, an Internet café and a business incubator. It is used by independent professionals, representatives of the corporate and non-profit sectors, and the general public, including foreigners.

The Hub allows regularly to find new contacts, impulses, and opportunities. They offer room rental, events, memberships and support for more than 100 accelerated projects every year. In addition, we are part of an international network of 100+ Hubs. This brings you the opportunity to travel, gain contacts to expand, or get connected to international business challenges and programmes across 5 continents.

Zdenda Softič: “I travel a lot and the Hub is perfect in that the membership does not limit me in any way and I can change my tariff as I please.”

Trial day

The best way how to get to know the Hub better is using a free trial day. Just contact them (EMAIL) and the Hubbers will be happy to show you around. You can use their coworking and relaxation zones, the bar, patio and even a lounge for meetings. During a single day, you can gain valuable contacts, establish new partnerships and educate yourself all at the same time.


555 members and opportunities

The Impact Hub community has more than 1 500 members and you can meet a third of them in Brno. Thanks to networking and personal referrals, you can also easily get connected to your colleagues in Ostrava and Prague. And if you wish to visit them in person, you can use part of your membership hours there with no questions asked as if you were at home.


Let’s get to it!

In the Impact Hub, you only pay for the time that you plan on spending there. The tariffs start from 10 hours a month and the package includes the big 9 benefits including business support and discounts on room rental, applications, and various programmes. And we saved the best for last: you get free entry to all member events! All you have to do is choose – would you prefer MeetUp, Machine Learning, Yoga, or the Longboard Club? Or would you rather start your own activities? You can!

Do you want to start and run a specific club? You will find support and buddies in the Impact Hub.


Your desk, your style

If you are intrigued by coworking but you like your comfort, we recommend the Impact Hub’s fixed desk. It will be reserved for you (including a super comfortable chair) for only 3 500 CZK. You will have enough peace and quiet to focus on your work and as much social contact as you need 🙂 Of course, this comes with 24/7 access and fantastic coffee. Are you in?

Discover the magic of coworking and stop by on a working day from 8 AM to 6 PM, make an appointment or attend one of the neat events. You are always welcome!



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