Domeq Numbers: Who Are the Tenants?

You may already know that Domeq community consists of many internationals and people of different age and gender who have various reasons to stay here in the Czech Republic. Are you interested in numbers and statistics and would like to find out more about Domeq tenants? Here’s the article for you!

Domeq population

Can you guess what nationality has the biggest number of its representatives among Domeq tenants? The answer might not surprise you: it’s Italy! There’re 45 Italians living at Domeq by today which is almost 21% of the “Domeq population”. Serbia came second with 30 tenants, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina with 20 representatives of their nationality. Domeq doesn’t lack people from East, Central and Western Asia and Eurasia: here you can find tenants from Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Philippines, Azerbaijan and many more.

What about Europe and the Czech Republic? There’re 12 Czechs living at Domeq right now and a whole lot of people from different European countries: Denmark, UK, Norway, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Greece etc. Sounds impressive, right? Tenants from Africa won’t be omitted too: Zambia, Morocco and Egypt have their citizens at living Domeq.

What are the purposes of stay of Domeq residents?

When you come to Brno, there’re plenty of things to do, but surely you need a decent reason to stay. It’s up to you what you choose: study, work, tourism or even all together! As for Domeq people, it’s almost even between work and study: 109 tenants out of 217 are working in Brno, whereas 105 are studying. The remaining three residents are here for the purpose of tourism and exploring the Czech Republic.

Last but not least: there are more male inhabitants than female! The number of male Domeq residents is 146, whereas the female part is only half of that. All the data is valid up to the date of publishing.

For everyone who’s interested in finding a new place to live: Domeq has several free units available from January! Contact brno@foreigners to book yours and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s going on at this multicultural building!

Age of Domeq tenants
Gender of Domeq tenants
Purposes of stay of Domeq tenants

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