Remote Haven: Work “From Home” from the Magical Island of Madeira

As COVID-19 measures keep tightening in workplaces all around Czechia, most people believe that they have to choose between working at the office under restrictions or working from the isolation of their homes. But did you know there was a third option? An increasing number of young professionals have been temporarily leaving their homes for the island of Madeira to work from the stimulating safety of its digital nomad community. One of the places on Madeira you can choose for your “voluntary exile” is Bogdan Danchuk’s Remote Haven.

Recently, the island of Madeira has become a sanctuary for digital nomads – i.e. people who are location-independent and use technology for their jobs. And not even the coronavirus pandemic stopped the surge of these young professionals. In fact, Portugal’s promising COVID-19 numbers have made it into even more of a safe (digital) haven for people from all over the world and all kinds of businesses, including the Foreigners CEO, Andrea Tkačuková.


Remote Haven offers beautiful views of Madeira’s fairytale landscape.

Remote Haven

Remote Haven is located at a 5-star hotel, which means it has everything that you need. It offers beautiful rooms, common spaces such as co-working and community hangouts, and separate areas for individual work (e.g. at the restaurant, on the terraces, and in other interior spaces).

So, while the hotel is a part of the Savoy Group and so it guarantees all of the luxury associated with this brand (including free wi-fi, cleaning service, kitchenettes, bars, restaurants, pools, gym, terraces, sea access, etc.), it has been adjusted to the needs of digital nomads. In other words, it has been turned into the perfect workplace – one with comfort, an international community, technical support, and beautiful views of the island’s charmed nature. 

Remote Haven is an official partner of Digital Nomad Village Madeira – only 20 minutes from Ponta do Sol – a retreat for remote workers that welcomes up to 100 people at a time.

And what are the main benefits of becoming a digital nomad and coming to a place like Remote Haven

Remote Haven’s well-kept exteriors are perfect for yoga practices.

Remote Haven’s well-kept exteriors are perfect for yoga practices.

Fight the burn-out syndrome

According to Bogdan Danchuk, the founder of Remote Haven, getting out of your usual environment, especially during the current situation is the perfect recipe for productivity and happiness: “It inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing. This kind of happiness then leads to more energy and better work.” 

As during the pandemic, we are more than ever more susceptible to the burn-out syndrome and fatigue, happiness is definitely the key to steering off of depression and anxiety. And as Bodgan notes, there’s definitely happiness in Remote Haven: “It’s all about having like-minded, driven, and motivated individuals sharing one experience. We maintain a harmonious balance of work and fun. In fact, everything here facilitates that essential balance.”

Networking and growing your business

One of the biggest benefits of coming to work in Remote Haven is that you’ll have access to the most incredible working community. You’ll be able to extend your network exponentially. Working professionals from all over the world come to Madeira to engage in enriching conversations, support each other, collaborate, share experience and provide advice to new businessmen and businesswomen.

As Bogdan mentions, a number of new businesses were started on Madeira, simply because the environment was so stimulating and the community so supportive: “For example, there were two guys who received a 250k investment from one of our other guests for their start-up.”

Remote Haven also organises regular events where all of these transactions can take place. These events can center around a particular topic, just like any other international conference, only they’re smaller and people have more opportunities to talk. For example, a month ago, Remote Haven organized an event on cryptocurrency, which was so popular that 85 more people showed up last-minute.

If you come to Remote Haven, you’ll be able to network with people from businesses of all sizes, from big companies such as Fortune 500 and Dax to very successful freelancers, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders

Multicultural environment 

The multicultural environment that Remote Haven offers is another benefit of coming to Madeira. According to Bogdan, the project has hosted at least 26 different nationalities, from Australian, through Eastern European, to West Coast USA. Again, this kind of diverse community is essential for the conception of new ideas, businesses, and all kinds of collaboration and cooperation. 

You will especially appreciate this benefit if you come from an international company in Czechia and are missing the stimulation of the multicultural environment working from home.

Networking is an essential part of Remote Haven’s co-working programme.

Networking is an essential part of Remote Haven’s co-working programme.

Bring your kids

Do you have small children and are worried that taking them to Madeira with you might be a problem? Worry not, because Remote Haven is happy to see young working families. While there are no special events for kids, it’s very easy to arrange for a babysitter to come to the hotel (our CEO was able to find several via Facebook for her 1 year old daughter). 

This way, even your kids can get out of the isolation of Czechia’s lockdown and enjoy life on the magical island of Madeira.

The New Zealand of Europe

And Madeira truly is magical“the New Zealand of Europe” as Bogdan calls it – with its beautiful postcard-pretty views resembling Oceania, Japan, Nepal, Arizona, and Southeast Asia. No day is like the other on Madeira since its landscapes are so diverse and vast in numbers.

So, once you’re done working, you can enjoy Madeira’s incredible nature for hikes and other free-time activities. As Bogdan says, “Madeira is the most incredible hiking place in the world and that’s coming from someone who has lived in 36 countries over the past 12 years as a full time digital nomad.” 

The temperature on Madeira in spring is pleasant and perfect for sight-seeing and walking. In April, the average temperature is 16.5ºC, made up of highs of 19ºC and average lows of 14ºC. In May, the average temperature for the island increases from 18.5°C at the start of the month up to 19.5°C by the end of the month.

All of this digital nomadic business is also incredibly stimulating to the local economy. The locals have welcomed the community with open arms as it currently represents the only source of tourism and leisure on the island and income for many industries, including hospitality, transportation, and dining. Coming to Madeira therefore also means that you will help businesses that have been previously suffering due to the pandemic.

Madeira is perfect for hiking. Every part of the island offers stunning views.

Madeira is perfect for hiking. Every part of the island offers stunning views.

Safe haven during the pandemic

Speaking of the pandemic, coming to Madeira and Remote Haven is perfectly safe, as our CEO Andrea also regularly confirms (you can also check out her frequent Instagram stories from Madeira). Residents of the EU and Schenger countries are allowed to enter Madeira without any issues, but they should be prepared to present a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival. This kind of policy has led to the lowest COVID-19 numbers in Europe, as Bogdan emphasizes. The hotel has a capacity of 200 rooms, so it’s spacious enough for everyone to adhere to social distancing. 

A number of safety measures are in place to ensure the safety of all digital nomads, but all of them are compensated in some way. For example, there is a curfew of 7 p.m. during weekdays and 6 p.m. during weekends, but Remote Haven compensates this by organising events and letting people network in the communal spaces of the hotel. After curfew, the hotel functions as its own ecosystem – a little city in itself – so you won’t even think about wanting to go outside. And because everyone respects the rules (including mask mandates), everything is open during the day.

Remote Haven also welcomes young families with kids. Babysitting is easily accessible.

No time like now

Remote Haven, Madeira, offers a co-living experience at a 5-star hotel tailored to digital nomads. The monthly prices are € 1,405 for singles and 1,855 for couples, Luxurious buffet for breakfast included.

The minimum stay is 30 days. As Bogdan stresses, the experience of a minimum 30 days allows you to create deep bonds, friendships, and connections that are facilitated by longevity and unhindered by constant coming and going. 

Are you interested in becoming a digital nomad? There’s no better time or place to start! Find out more about Remote Haven on its website and book your stay!

For expats living in Czechia, spending some time in Remote Haven can be a great opportunity for yet another change of environment during this crisis! If you’re an EU national and you decide to go on this journey, it is recommended to have a residence permit so that you’ll be allowed to come back if restrictions tighten even more here. Don’t have it yet? We are happy to help you obtain one!

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Photos: courtesy of Bogdan Danchuk

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