What to See in Theatres in Prague and Brno this Upcoming Fall?

#LifeInCzechia Are you intrigued by ballet, opera or drama? We have great news. The National Theatre offers many expat-friendly performances this upcoming fall. With one ticket, you will buy not only brilliant art, but also the warm feeling that the music will create in your heart. So let’s dive right into the fall programmes and let ourselves go to the rhythm of music!


Mahen Theatre Brno
Mahen Theatre Brno


The National Theatre Prague – Programme 

Do you cling to old or are you modernist? There are four stages in Prague with unique architecture. The National Theatre, the State Opera, and the Estates Theatre will bring the past to present for you. The New Stage will welcome you with its modern appearance. So choose your favourite one and fill up your trip with the beauty of art.

Check out the whole program here. Some of the performances include:

  • Ballet – Leonce and Lena – Satirical comedy and timeless ballet – The Estates Theatre 
  • Opera – Ball im SavoyModern operetta revue full of dance, love and funny plot twists – The State Opera
  • Opera – Don Giovanni – The final moments of the great rebel – The Estates Theatre
  • Paper Story The birth of a new world created out of paper (for children)(The production combines mime, contemporary dance with elements of acrobatics, puppetry and animation) – The New Stage


Guided tours at the Estates Theatre (individuals) in English

Ready to discover Europe’s most beautiful theatre? The theatre’s history has intangible links to  W. A. Mozart, Carl Maria von Weber and the famous Czech writers Karel Čapek, Milan Kundera and Miloš Forman.

You will not only discover the building but you will also learn about these artists. The tour starts at the entrance hall and concludes in the main dressing room. You can find detailed information and tickets here. 


Národní Divadlo Brno – Programme 

The Turkish theatre player and author Celal Kadri Kınoglu says that a piece of art puts us in a compelling creative process and one ticket will lead you to your dreams. 

Would you like to experience the performances of National Theatre Brno? They offer many ballet, drama and opera performances in the theatre landmarks of the cityJanáček Theatre, Mahen Theatre and Reduta Theatre.

Good news for expats! The National Theatre Brno is making performances more accessible to foreigners by equipping them with English subtitles. 



Janáček Theatre
Janáček Theatre


As an expat living in Brno, I was recently very lucky to see the Romeo and Juliet Ballet organised by the National Theatre in Brno. I was definitely fascinated by their art and how they respect their discipline. 



Romeo and Juliet in Brno
Romeo and Juliet in Brno 


If you’d like to help the theatre flourish and become a member of a sponsorship programme, check out our article on this topic!

The fall program offers a wide range of performances, including these:

  • Drama – HannahMesmerising destinies of three women and one century –  Mahen Theatre 
  • DramaLady Doctor“There is always hope. It’s not over until the body is cold!” – Ruth Wolff  – Theatre Reduta 
  • OperaThe Night of the Rose – Time is a strange thing, it doesn’t change things. – Janacek Theatre 
  • Drama – Mourning Becomes ElectraThe drama of the Mannon household, reset in the 21st century, is a classical play reflecting today’s world. – Mahen Theatre



Reduta Theatre
Reduta Theatre

Cinderella – Ballet 

Who can put on the lost shoe? Would you like to  re-experience the world classic? He is one of the most acclaimed musical composers of the 20th century. Because of Profokiev’s another work – Romeo and Juliet’s succession – the National Theatre has decided to add the fairy-tale Cindrella to their repertoire. 

Check out their website here for more information and tickets!


You can come across billboards everywhere in the city centre!
You can come across billboards everywhere in the city centre!


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Article Source: Narodni Divadlo, Cinderella, National Theatre 

Photo Source: Leman Oktay 



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