Coronavirus in Czechia: Rising Numbers of Infections, 4th Dose of Vaccine, Measures in Hospitals

#LatestNewsCzechia The number of COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic is increasing. Therefore, some hospitals decided to reintroduce preventive measures. But no need to worry – experts say the current infection has reached its peak and will decline from now on. However, if you are still feeling uneasy, you can now get the fourth dose of the vaccine. Read more about the current status of testing and entry into the Czech Republic in the following article.


To get the 4th booster, you must be at least four months past the 3rd dose.


COVID-19 infections on the rise

The current summer wave of the epidemic in the Czech Republic has been growing for several weeks. However, the pace of newly confirmed cases has slowed down.

According to some experts, the current wave of infection is at its peak, and the number of newly infected people should decline. However, epidemiologists expect another, much more significant increase in autumn.


Preventive measures in hospitals

Due to the epidemic, some hospitals are reintroducing preventive measures. St. Anne’s University Hospital Brno and the Znojmo hospital have restricted their visiting days. Facilities also urge visitors to wear face masks.

Currently, respirators are not mandatory. However, they are recommended by the Ministry of Health, especially in public transport and hospitals.


Second booster shot

Since Monday, 18 July, you can get vaccinated with the fourth dose. If you are over the age of 18 and are at least 4 months past your last dose, you are eligible.

You can get vaccinated at GP practices, hospitals, or vaccination centers without prior registration. However, you should check the availability of the vaccine in advance, especially if you are going to see a GP. The registration system will be launched on 15 August.



The Ministry of Health is also considering reintroducing preventive PCR tests paid for by insurance companies. At the moment, all COVID-19 tests are covered only if you get a referral from your doctor. Otherwise, you must pay for it yourself.


Entry into the Czech Republic

All measures relating to COVID-19 have been lifted for all passengers. However, that may not always be the case with other countries. Always check what the specific conditions are – for example, at the official EU website, embassy, or your preferred airline.

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