How Has Brno Changed in the Last 4 Years?

#LifeInCzechia The pandemic has accelerated the world’s digital transformation and Brno is also involved in this digitalization. It seems like lots of things have changed in the last 4 years since I lived here as a student on Erasmus. I will tell you more about the inevitable changes of digitalism and the new co-living lifestyle units that I am staying in during my internship. Come along with me and see what’s new!


Brno in 2018
 Brno in 2018


Transportation Apps

While many of the things that I loved about Brno in the past are still very much the same, there are some notable changes. One of the biggest transformations is that the city has become more digitized. When I first arrived at the Brno bus station with all of my luggage in-tow back in 2018, I was expecting to see taxis waiting nearby. But this time, no. There wasn’t a taxi in sight.

This time was different. I kindly asked a man who was waiting there, “Can you give me a taxi number”? He said, “you can call Uber. This was new to me. There wasn’t an Uber in Brno four years ago. After our small talk, he realized that I wouldn’t be able to communicate in Czech with the driver so he kindly called me a taxi on his phone. This moment brought back my fond memories of the polite, friendly and helpful Czech people

I want to give you notice about one thing regarding Uber: Make sure that when you match with a driver, your location is clear. What I mean by this is that you’ll be better off if you’re waiting at a specific well identified place such as in front of a restaurant, a shop or some other landmark. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to explain where you are to a driver who doesn’t speak your language (or English)! 


Food delivery apps

There has been a development in food delivery systems because of the pandemic when many people preferred ordering food online to avoid the risk of infection. Also, because of the lockdowns many restaurants were closed, ordering a delivery was the only way to help them stay afloat.   For this reason, Brno became a hub for online food delivery services. I see many young  food deliverers buzzing through the streets on bicycles or scooters every day. They also seem to be using transport that is more eco-friendly.  You can try Bolt food, Wolt, and Dame jidlo.


Food Delivery Services
 Food Delivery Services


Many different types of cuisine are available through these apps… Italian, American, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and many more. If you’re busy, these apps can be very handy. Typically, the delivery takes approximately 30 minutes. Many restaurants have vegan and gluten free options.


New co-living residences

When I first came to Brno in 2018, I had learned about Domeq 1 which was a new, unique co-living space for students and workers. At that time, I just had thoughts that living there could be enjoyable. As I have learned, thoughts can lead you to somewhere in life that you never expected!

When I found out that I was coming to Brno this year  through my internship at Foreigners, the first thing I searched for was accommodation. After I checked over Domeq’s website, I realized that Domeq had new siblings! Domeq 2 & 3.



Domeq 2 and 3
   Domeq 2 & 3


They were just finished in November of 2021. I have to say that I liked their cutting-edge concept and minimalist architectural designs a lot. 

Now, I am a tenant of Domeq 3 so let me tell you about my experiences! First of all, from an architect’s view, the plan of my room which is single-story is designed to be very functional. It is easily seen that the architects wanted the sunlight to enter as much as possible into the apartment. All units have large windows which provide enjoyable views of Ponávka River from my room. There’s even a window near the shower which is a great idea to get the sunlight into the bathroom. 


Bathroom window of Domeq 2 and 3
  Bathroom window of Domeq 2 & 3


Furthermore, all the apartments are fully furnished, which is very good if yours is a short stay. Aside from this, there’s also air conditioning, air recuperation system, security cameras, and parking spots.

Also, even though I am staying at Domeq 3, I am able to use the common areas at Domeq 1, including kitchen units with an oven, living area, study room, and two terraces with a beautiful view of Brno. 

Additionally, you can use the gym with a monthly payment. I have to say that I am using the study room a lot which has a beautiful view of the Ponávka River.


Domeq 1 Study room view
     Domeq 1 Study room view


Does Domeq sound like the perfect place for you to live? Contact us.

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Photo Source: Norma Mortenson,Pexels 

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Hello everyone! I'm Leman from Istanbul, Turkey. I enjoyed evolving and exploring a new culture while I was an exchange student in Brno. Now, I am rediscovering Brno after four years. So let's experience the journey.

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