Eager to Support Local Culture? Become a Friend of National Theatre Brno!

#LifeInCzechia Are you a connoisseur of culture? Is the theatre important to you? Then you should consider becoming a friend of National Theatre Brno. You will certainly find gratification in donating in aid to the excellent productions there. What is more, as a friend of the theatre, you’ll gain special friends-only exclusive benefits that will enrich your life. Are you in?

Did you know you can also donate by adopting one of these lightbulbs?

Did you know you can also donate by adopting one of these lightbulbs?


Help the theatre flourish

As we already informed you in one of our articles, National Theatre Brno is making culture in this city more accessible to foreigners by equipping some of their performances with English subtitles. Those of you who want to show your appreciation of this fact can do it by becoming friends of the theatre.

Helping the theatre will give you a lot of gratification. And don’t worry – you’ll be completely in charge when it comes to the options of your membership. You and only you will decide how much and in what frequency you contribute.

According to the theatre’s website, the future goal of this sponsorship programme is to create a committee that would be able to influence the programme of the theatre. What an exciting prospect!


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What are the membership options?

As we said, there are several membership options + other ways to contribute. Here are some of them:


Donate 300 CZK monthly or 3 600 CZK yearly to support National Theatre Brno and you’ll get the DIVA magazine, mention on the website, a ticket to a rehearsal, a tour of the theatre outside usual times, and a 25% discount on New Year’s Eve performances


As a family (2 adults + their children below 18 years of age), you can donate 850 CZK monthly or 10 200 yearly. For this contribution, you’ll get the DIVA magazine, mention on the website, tickets to the rehearsal, a tour of the theatre outside usual hours, participation in 2-3 workshops during off-programmes at premieres suitable for children and teens, and 25% discount on New Year’s Eve performances. 

PATRON OF NdB – the VIP option

Donate anything from 20 000 CZK yearly and you’ll receive the DIVA magazine, mention on the website, two 25% discount tickets to New Year’s Eve performances, 4 double-tickets with a VIP price to season premieres (opera, ballet and drama), and the opportunity to have a toast with the artist after these 4 premieres. You’ll also be able to participate in a meeting of the theatre management with the donors.


Carmen NdB

Donations help the theatre pay for costumes such as these from the opera Carmen.


Be an Edison – adopt a lightbulb

Are you thinking about becoming an individual supporter of National Theatre Brno? The campaign “Be an Edison” is here for those of you who’d like to leave a footprint in the history of Mahen Theatre by adopting one of the lightbulbs there.

Mahen Theatre is the symbol of the first electrified theatre in Europe, so this is a big deal!

Adoption of one lightbulb costs 5 000 CZK. The total number of light bulbs is 242. By adopting one of them, you’ll be able to support the reconstruction of the original lighting of Mahen Theatre in the auditorium, foyer, and the Crystal Hall. You’ll be given a gift certificate to keep or gift to somebody else as a present.


A lightbulb is the symbol of the “Be an Edison” campaign.

A lightbulb is the symbol of the “Be an Edison” campaign.


Are you in?

Want to become a friend of the theatre? Then contact Dr. Simona Škarabelová in fundraising.

Cellphone: +420 777 556 857
Telephone: +420 542 158 266
Email: skarabelova@ndbrno.cz

If you want to become an Edison and adopt a lightbulb, you can do so on this website. Watch out, it’s in Czech, so you’ll need a friend to help you fill everything out or use Google Translate. You can also read details about all of these donation options on the National Theatre Brno website.

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