Calling All Coffee Lovers: Hidden Coffee Gems of Brno

If you follow our Brno Instagram, you could notice that the last week was in the spirit of coffee. So, we prompted you with a question ‘what is your favourite café in Brno?’ The intention was to support both our and your favourite businesses and of course to unfold new places where to enjoy the beverage of mortals: the coffee! It was clear that you, same as us, are coffee lovers as there were so many responses! Have a look through your top picks of Brno’s hidden coffee gems. 

Same as the cold winter days, lockdown restrictions are not easing. Add the gloomy post-Christmas season and you can feel the sentimental mood knocking on your door. Many of us are trying to wave it off in different ways, for example by taking a walk. We have a suggestion for you on how to sweeten your aimless wandering around city streets: what about a nice cup of coffee?

Big Spread, a lot of Support and one Sip 

Last week, just before the weekend, we asked you a simple question on Instagram: what is your favourite café or restaurant in Brno? We all have some favourite places where we like to eat, drink or enjoy the social atmosphere of our friends. We bet that you probably found out about these places from a recommendation of someone you know, so we wanted to do the same and share coffee places with the tastiest coffee with each other – coffee lovers discoverers.

Original IG question café
In these difficult times, we want to share and support our favourite coffee places.

This is what we got, the Insta-word-of-mouth 

IG answers café
Together we will spread the word of Brno’s coffee world!
  • Mandlárna – café that will make you go nuts! 

Mandlárna is one of the new additions to the coffee community in Brno. If you love nuts, this is the perfect coffee place for you to visit, as it is specializing in almond products. In this café, located in the city centre next to the Špalíček, you can enjoy almond coffee, various home-made cakes and, for those with sharper taste buds, alcoholic almond beverage called ‘Mandlovka’. 

  • Momenta – for beautiful moments spent in a café

Café Momenta is situated on the Cabbage market (Zelný trh) in the heart of Brno. The menu is inspired by French cuisine, so you do not have to travel to France to feel like in Provence. If you have a sweet tooth, we have one more suggestion for you: the café has another branch selling cookies and biscuits, just 5 minutes of walk away! 

Brno coffee places
There are many great coffee places to visit.
  • Podnebí – hidden oasis close Špilberk park

This café is like stepping into Narnia: you are walking along the busy street of Brno and suddenly you find yourself in an oasis full of green flowers, surrounded by the smell of freshly roasted coffee. In this café you can treat yourself not only to a quality coffee but also to a nice cup of tea or Belgian chocolate. For those who crave also some food, you can choose from a variety of freshly prepared paninis or lunch salads.  

  • Café Klafé – B&B

How does the image of waking up in the morning to just-prepared breakfast sound to you? This offers café Klafé, combination of a coffee shop, bed&breakfast and a bistro. Besides the deliciously prepared coffee you can try fragrant pies and cakes, home-made lemonades and light meals. The café will also meet the requirements of a vegetarian or gluten free diet.  

  • MyMika – cute, rustic coffee spot 

MyMika is a coffee bar emphasizing quality, simplicity and creativity. Here you can find more than just a coffee (although that is what we are after), such as lemonades or light meals inspired by North European cuisine. Freshly prepared pies and cakes are baked by a blogger or a pastry-cook. And, what kind of Moravian business would it be without a tasty wine?

  • Punkt. – gourmet coffee, home-made desserts and lots of love

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, this is the right place to go to. A perfect spot for coffee as well as a bustling spot for beer. This coffee place, close to Lužánky park, enables you to combine your breakfast and lunch in one and enjoy it on a piece of greenery in the middle of a concrete juggle.

  • Soul Bistro – café with an international soul

Soul Bistro is nearby the theater of Janáček and is recommended for its international, yet healthy, cuisine menu. The motto of the bistro goes ‘enjoy people, love food, friends, moment and more’ and we could not agree more with this. You can come for a splendid coffee or, as one of you pointed out, their amazing beef sandwich. Of course, the menu offers more of deliciously looking food and we are definitely adding it to our list!    

Be unfaithful to your favourite coffee shop

‘For better or worse’, that is the motto of a project #fenstrtour supporting selected cafés and the coffee community in the area of Lužánky park. Eight businesses dedicated to coffee united in an attempt to overcome the coronavirus crisis. They came up with a loyalty program called UNfaithful card

Within this card customers can choose between eight cafés and help their favourite coffee places to survive during the current lockdown. The encouragement to be unfaithful to one particular café is based on the concept of the project itself: it is needed to visit all 8 coffee places to get the main perk and get the ninth coffee in one of the businesses ‘on the house’!

Coffee fenstr tour
Project Fenstr Tour helps cafés in the area of Lužánky park.

The list of cafés involved in this project are:

It is a great way of exploring the coffee culture in Brno, discovering new places and not only have a satisfying (and most of the time very needed) cup of coffee during the walk but also taste new cakes, cheesecakes and other delicious meals. So, where’s gonna be your first stop? 

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