Ticket Inspection in Brno: How to Avoid Getting Fined?

#LifeInCzechia Are you new to Brno? Do you plan to use public transport? If your answer is yes, keep reading. First days are always hard. You are getting used to the new environment, and so maybe you can’t focus on every detail and you can miss important things. As a new resident of Brno, originally from Turkey, I would like to inform you about ticket inspection and fines in the Brno Public Transportation System. So let’s learn about the ticket process together to avoid ourselves getting fined. 

Tram in Brno

Don’t forget to stamp your ticket.


How to buy tickets? 

In Brno, you can choose between riding the tram, bus or trolleybus. For all these, you’ll need a ticket. There are two ways to pay! You can pay for your public transport tickets in cash or by credit card! If you would like to pay with a credit card or buy your tıcket wıth a text message, you can read about the details here. 

If you’re paying cash, getting your ticket is as easy as going to a yellow coin machine, usually located in the front section of the tram or bus stops. You can also buy tickets at a newsagent’s. All you need to tell the clerk is what kind of ticket you need (either based on the time, number of zones or the price, if they know how much it costs). There they can usually pay both by cash or card. Lastly you can buy your ticket from the driver but they won’t be able to give you change because of that you’ll need to have some coins.


What type of ticket should you buy?

Public transport tickets are time-based products.  This means that you can buy tickets for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. If your plans will keep you moving for longer periods of time, it might make more sense to buy a Day Pass. There are also options to purchase a 3-month, 6-month pass, or even a year pass. Base your purchase on your planned activity or destination. Are you planning a short trip? Long trip? All-day trip? It’s your choice.

Let’s Go! Now that you have your ticket, it’s time to get on public transport. There are both trams, trolleybuses, and buses – your destination will determine which type of vehicle you will board. 

Once you get on the vehicle, the critical point is here. You have to find the small yellow machines located on board.  When you do, stamp your ticket in the hole under the arrow sign. As soon as you stamp your ticket, the time you purchased starts to count down. For example, if you have a 30-minute ticket, you can stay on the tram or bus for 30 minutes. 


Stamp machines in the public transportation in Brno

Stamp machines in the public transportation in Brno


What happens if I get fined?

If it turns out that you didn’t buy enough time for your trip length, you’ll have to PAY A FINE of 800 CZK. This is paid to the inspector. If you fail to scan your ticket or don’t have one at all, you will also pay the fine if the inspector comes by. The inspectors don’t wear uniforms, so you won’t recognize them until they come up to you and show you their badge. You are obligated to present a valid ticket when they come up to you. 

You can pay the fine of 800 CZK on the spot in cash or with a card to the inspector. Also, if you don’t have any money with you, you can pay the 800 CZK within the next 5 workdays at the main city transport office or 1500 CZK later. In that case, the inspector will ask you for your ID to write down your personal information to make sure that you pay your fine. This is also why you should always carry your passport with you.

Did you purchase a pass? Just a reminder! Do not forget to have your valid pass on you because then when the inspector comes by and you don’t have it on you, you have to pay a 50 CZK fine to the main city transport office within 5 workdays. 

You can find more detailed information about ticket inspection here. 


Learn from my story

I am telling you all this because I am one of those who paid the fine to the inspectors on her first day in Brno. In 2018, I was in Brno for my Erasmus exchange programme. I had bought my ticket but forgot to stamp it. When the inspectors came, it was the first time I learned that I had to stamp the ticket because nobody told me. So learn from my story , and be aware of your ticket process. 

I was thinking this only happened to me, but no. When I went to a meeting in the Czech Consulate in Istanbul, I found it  funny that many other people also lived through this situation.

Now you know. Good luck and enjoy your time in Brno!

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Article source: Brno Expat Centre

Leman Oktay

Hello everyone! I'm Leman from Istanbul, Turkey. I enjoyed evolving and exploring a new culture while I was an exchange student in Brno. Now, I am rediscovering Brno after four years. So let's experience the journey.

4 thoughts on “Ticket Inspection in Brno: How to Avoid Getting Fined?

  1. This was such a helpful post – thank you Leman. I can’t wait to visit Brno and NOT get a fine when I’m on the bus.

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks for your kind words – I will let Leman know :).
      Hope you enjoy your time in Brno!


  2. If you pay your tickets online with a debit or credit card, don´t forget to show that same bank card to the inspector on the tramway. That´s the equivalent of the shalin karta or the tramway ticket. If you don´t remember to do that, you´ll get fined. It happened to us today….so now we´ll have to pay the fine….

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