ESN & ISIC: Associations That Will Make Your Student Life in Czechia Easier

#LifeInCzechia There are many advantages to being a student in the Czech Republic. The ESN and the ISIC organisations are here for you to make your student life easier in the Czech Republic. They provide many services: the buddy system, events, discounts and so much more… Whether you are an exchange student or a full-time student, their services will speed up your adaptation period! So let’s get into it.


The ESN and ISIC provide many services for students
The ESN  and ISIC provide many services for students 


Erasmus Student Network

The Erasmus Student Network’s aim is to support and develop student exchange. The ESN has thousands of members so called buddies mainly taking care of international students. 

The Buddy Program’s aim is to offer a hand to incoming students after their arrival. If you are a newcomer and would like the locals to help you out, you can register for the buddy system. Just follow the instructions on your university’s  ESN website.

The ESN organises events such as meetups, newbies events, international and national Erasmus games, weekly presentations of nations, trips and many more. You can learn more about their activities here. 

For more information and latest updates, you can check their blog. On their website, click on find your local ESN and choose your university. 


ESN Czech Republic
ESN Czech Republic


My experience and suggestions

When I was an Erasmus student in 2018 at Brno University of Technology, the ESN gave us free sim cards with the internet. It was great to get it immediately thanks to the ESN. 

I attended “Presentations of Nations” events every Tuesday. We had so much fun, and learned a lot of information about different countries and cultures. We also went to Olomouc and discovered a new city. 

I recommend that you attend their events which are organised together with other universities’ ESN communities. I attended a “Tram Party” in Brno which was an amazing opportunity to make new friends and have fun. I have to say that those days provided me with great memories!


ISIC – An International Student Identity Card

The ISIC Association is a non-profit organisation. You may have heard of it if you own the Student Identity Card. The ISIC card is issued in over 130 countries and has been endorsed by the UNESCO.  

ISIC students gain discounted access to products, services and experiences. The discounts include software licences, cinema accesses, bookstores, public transport, cafés, restaurants and much more.

You can get your ISIC Card online or at a local issuer (e.g. your university).  You can find the list of necessary documents and search your country for online cards here. 

For detailed information about the cards and discounts, make sure to check their website!


The ISIC App

With this app, you can sign up for an ISIC virtual ID, prove your student status and explore discounts. For more information about the app, can click here. 


 The ISIC App
 The ISIC App


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Article Source: esncz, ISIC

Photo Source:, ISIC App

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