DOMEQ: Find a Short-Term Accommodation Easily in Brno

Brno is a city that attracts a high number of foreigners: expats, students, nomads… Nevertheless, it is hard to find a proper apartment for short-term. At least it was, until now; DOMEQ has opened its doors for short-term tenants in Brno, and the living conditions are honestly great!

Before my arrival in Brno, I was looking for accommodation that would be close to the center and to the office where I was going to be working. However, it was a huge challenge to find a place for 3 months. Each landlord that I contacted replied negatively because a few months was too short a time.

Distant view of Brno.

I finally found a room in Tetcice, one of the suburban areas close to Brno. However, I had to take the train every day to get to work and the train doesn’t run very frequently; usually just once an hour. If I ever missed the train, I had to wait for 1 hour…and even worse was if I missed the last train. In that case, I had to stay in Brno and wait until morning.

Brno – Main Train Station.

Living in those conditions, my first thoughts after I heard about DOMEQ were, ‘That’s exactly what Brno needs!’ There are lots of expats, students, and Czechs who are looking for a fun and comfortable place for themselves in Brno for both short and long-term stays. That’s why DOMEQ has come at a perfect time.

Modern facade of DOMEQ. (Photo:CTP)

This amazing accommodation offers security, amusing activity options, common places to have fun, meet your neighbors and a great location for getting to the city center.

Tenants have fun at the lobby in DOMEQ. (Photo: CTP)

If you are also looking for short-term accommodation in Brno, DOMEQ is the best place that you can find! Learn more on this Facebook page and in the article.

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