Heating Season in the Czech Republic: How to Stay Warm in Your Apartment During Winter

Cold winter months are slowly but surely approaching and the heating season has come. Nowadays, a house or an apartment can be heated in different ways. How to heat as cheaply as possible? By using the heater correctly, you can also save money during the heating season. With today’s article, we will give you a few tips on how to deal with heating in the Czech Republic.

When you go for a viewing of the apartment to rent, we recommend asking as many questions as possible. And asking what kind of heating has been installed in the apartment should be one of them. Do not hesitate to ask our consultant or directly the apartment owner. If you search for your new home with us, our relocation consultants are here to gladly explain and answer your questions. 

The basic division of heating:

Local heating – the heat source is located directly in the heated room
Floor heating – one floor is heated, the location of the boiler and radiators is approximately in one plane
Central heating – the heat source is located outside the heated room, most often in the basement
District heating – the heat source is located outside the heated building

1. Proper care of the heating equipment

  • check the quality of windows, if they are well isolated
  • have an insulated facade of the house
  • inspection of gas boilers (recommended at least once a year)
  • check other accessories such as thermostatic heads and thermostat

2. Each room has a different recommended temperature

  • Living room 20-21 °C
  • Bedroom 16-18 °C
  • Kitchen 18 °C
  • Bathroom 24 °C
  • Corridor 10-15 °C

Note: Overheating in the home does not pay off and is not good for health, especially in rooms where you sleep. From the point of view of efficient heating operation, it is most advantageous that the temperature in the rooms does not fluctuate too much. It is not good to cool the interior too much and then reheat it with a high boiler output.

Keep your home warm during winter season!
Keep your home warm during the winter season.

3. Smart heating settings

  • It is ideal to set the temperature to approx. 16 °C, thanks to which you do not heat unnecessarily much, but at the same time you do not let the walls cool down.
  • If you have a quality thermostat, you can preset the temperature according to your time requirements.
  • If you know you won’t be home all day, don’t heat unnecessarily.
  • During cold and frosty weather (November – February standardly in the Czech Republic) it is not good to turn off the heating completely – let the interior of the house or apartment temper.
  • Try to keep the heaters uncovered – move the couch a little further from it, do not put anything over it, try to keep the curtains above or aside from the heaters.

4. Save on heating the apartment in the winter season 

  • Don’t overheat: Try to watch the degrees of celsius, which are average for each room. If you are cooking, you know that the oven does a lot of work for heating in the kitchen, so make sure it is useful to reduce the heating temperature during cooking.
  • Ventilate effectively: Ventilate two to four times a day and even if only for five minutes, leave the windows wide open. Regular ventilation will avoid possible mould.
  • Good sealing in the apartment: Ventilation is needed regularly, effectively, but not always, and this applies not only to micro-ventilation. Make sure that the heat from the apartment does not escape, especially through windows or doors.
Make sure you regularly ventilate your apartment!
Make sure you regularly ventilate your apartment.

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Source of the information: www.eon.cz/radce/jak-spravne-a-usporne-topit

Source of images: canva.com  pixabay.com

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    1. Hi Yleana,
      Unfortunately I don’t think I can help you with that. You should call the gas heater services in your area. If you’re renting, you should ask your landlord to explain it to you.
      Hope you can figure it out.


  1. Dear Iveta, do you know what the requirements are for landlords providing heating in flats in CR? I have just moved into a flat in Prague where the landlord has pulled out all of the radiators and just provided a small electric hot air-blower in one room (of three). There is no central heating/thermostat/timer or anything. These electric heaters are also fire hazards and very expensive to run…is this legal?

    1. Hi Ade,
      Sound like you’re living in terrible conditions! :-O
      Did you know about this before you signed the lease?

      According to the law, the landlord should ensure livable conditions in your apartment. But your case might be tricky, since you knew about these conditions before you signed the lease. I’d suggest talking to a lawyer, maybe.


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