Ways to Save Money

The art is not in making money, but in keeping it. – Proverb

Here you can find tips on how to save money on travel, shopping, and utility bills while you are in the Czech Republic.



I think a great way to start saving is to make a budget, and maintain it. Although this may seem tedious and unnecessary –it’s an effective way to see exactly where your money goes. Also, if you have a goal like a trip or a big ticket item it will give you incentive to stay within your budget.


  • City Star

City Star is a great way to save money on a train ticket to 16 different countries around Europe, including: Denmark, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, etc.

This discount can be used for 1-5 people (must be traveling outbound and return).

This ticket is valid for one month, so you can come and go any day in that you month you like – flexible for changing plans

  • To purchase at a ticket counter
  • Some countries do have conditions – you can find them and any other information on the České dráhy (ČD)/Czech Railways site.


Travel to 16 countries with City Star discount.
  • In Karta

In Karta is best for those who plan on traveling regularly. There are several types of In Karta discounts cards but I think for most of us the two we will be interested in are IN 25 and IN 50.

  • IN 25 – With an In Karta IN 25, you receive a 25% discount on one-way, return and commuter tickets (in weekly, monthly and quarterly variants), and a discount on SporoTiket Česko and ČD Promo tickets, and discount on reservations for SC trains as well.
  • IN 50 – In Karta 50 is most beneficial for regular trips by youth from 15 to 26, and adults. With IN 50, you receive a 50% discount on one-way and return tickets, a 25% discount on commuter tickets, and a discount on SporoTiket Česko and ČD Promo tickets, and discount on reservations for SC trains as well.

Price: Depends on the price of the discount application with which it is purchased.

In Karta as a ticket to cultural events: You can also use the ČD In-karta card as a ticket to cultural, sport and social events for which ticket sales are provided by Ticketstream. You can register on www.ticketstream.cz, pay for the tickets, and then you’re off to enjoy your event with some extra cash.


In Karta works the best for regular commuters.
  • Rail Plus

Rail Plus is a discount in international transport intended for passengers of all age categories and is part of In-karta cards. Upon presenting an In-karta card with the RailPlus logo, the passenger is entitled to a 25% discount off the regular fare for tickets to most European countries.


  • Clothing, Home Appliances, Electronics, etc.

In the Czech Republic these types of items are relatively expensive, that is probably why the Czechs have seen an influx of online shopping in recent years, and a primary reason for its new found popularity is to save money.

Websites like mall.cz, alza.cz, kasa.cz make it easy for you to compare prices, find what you are looking for with convenience, and save money.

Heureka.cz – offers price comparisons on items from hundreds of retailers, including all the top online sites.

aukro.cz – an e-auction website similar to e-bay.


Online shopping in Czechia can save you money
  • Leisure and Dining Out

slevomat.cz or vykupto.cz (similar to http://www.groupon.co.uk/) have great vouchers for eating out, cocktails, and many leisure time activities. There has been a boom of these offers in the Czech Republic.

– Unfortunatey, most of these websites only offer Czech language but it is simple to use google translator to navigate the websites.

  • Grocery Shopping

Shop off brand. We can find many products in grocery stores like Albert and Lidl that have their own brand of products that are a few crowns cheaper. It may not seem like a lot but it adds up – and usually the products are just as good and in some cases even better.

Grocery stores like Lidl often offer weekly specials and deals. This is a great way to try new things, get the necessities, and save a few crowns.

Buy in season, and try to shop at local markets – with less middleman items are generally cheaper.

Plan a weekly schedule rather than shopping after work or school when you are hungry. This is will eliminate unnecessary items and you will be able to utilize everything you buy with little waste.


These are not Czech Republic specific ways to save crowns, but general guidelines that will help you lower your utility bills.

  • Electricity

Avoid chores – try to minimize how often you do laundry, dishes, etc. This will save you money and time

Turn the heating/air conditioner off at night and when you are not home.

Get yourself some CFLs (Compact fluorecent lightbulbs). We all know about energy saving lightbulbs, but lighting is a real energy user and it really will help you save and its so easy. (Remember to turn lights off when you are not in the room and use natural light as much as possible.)

Arrange your furniture so it is not obstructing heating/cooling vents.

Tinfoil + RadiatorBy lining the walls behind your radiators with tinfoil, you can increase the heat in your apartment with no extra electricity usage.

Insulate – By this I mean use foam “draft stoppers”/plastic to line your windows and doors to prevent cold air from coming through the cracks.


Compact flourescent lightbulbs
  • Water

Hot water cost money – Use it wisely. Try to only run the dishwasher when it is completely full and wash your clothes in cold water.

Water saving shower head – Save money, water, and do not worry – the pressure is not lower (and you can take it with you when you move to a new place)

Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of running water from the tap.

– These are simple and maybe obvious ways to reduce your water bill, but every crown counts. 🙂

How Foreigners.cz can save you money

Foreigners.cz offers many services that can save an expat money, and they are really convenient – just to name a few:

Shipping packages – This service is half the price of other companies, and it can be arranged worldwide.

Moving Service – Extremely valuable service for foreigners moving into apartment, and to a new city. No extra charge for distance.

Insurance – Health, car, and household insurance. Competitive prices and great coverage, plus everything is completed in English.

VIP Service Package – Your helping hand with any issue regarding the apartment you rent in the Czech Republic, mainly. We take care of many unexpected situations you may pay a fortune for to solve on your own.

Do you have any helpful tips on how to save some cash in the Czech Republic or when traveling around Europe? Don’t hesitate to share them with us 🙂

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