Types of Long-Term Residence Permit in the Czech Republic

Are you considering getting yourself a long-term residence permit? Having this type of document has a lot of advantages and we definitely recommend you to get it with our help! However, the first big question that you should think about is: For what purpose am I getting this document for? There are several options for you to choose from.

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Getting a long term residence permit has a lot of advantages! (source)

  • For the Purpose of Studies
    This one is self-explanatory. If you are planning to stay in the Czech Republic for longer than 3 months while studying here, this type of visa is precisely made for you.
  • For the Purpose of Scientific Research
    Just like in the case of the long-term residence permit for the purpose of studies, this type of residence permit is suitable for you if you intend to stay in the Czech Republic for longer than 3 months. Whether your research concerns itself with IT or biology, it doesn’t matter. However, you need to have a signed contract with the organization where you perform the research.
  • For the Purpose of Seeking Employment
    The following three groups may be slightly confusing because their purpose is pretty similar – business and employment. Are you a foreign national that has been studying in the Czech Republic (with a long-term residence permit for the purpose of studies), you have successfully completed your studies and you are wondering, what to do now? Have you completed your research (with a long-term residence permit for the purpose of scientific research) and you would like to start working in the Czech Republic? This type of permit is designated specifically for you!
  • For the Purpose of Employment
    This category of a residence permit has actually transformed to a document called “employee card,” therefore you cannot file for this type of long-term residence permit anymore but you file for an employee card, which is also a type of a long-term residence permit. The main purpose of getting it is to have a working contract in the country.

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Previous long-term residence permits are necessary to get the “seeking employment” one. (source)


  • For the Purpose of Business
    Are you a foreign national who wants to start a business in the Czech Republic? This is the type of residence permit that you should choose.
  • For the Purpose of Family Reunification
    Do you have a spouse or a child in the Czech Republic? Whether they have been born here or they are in possession of a long-term residence permit, you have the right to file for this type of a residence permit.
  • For the Purpose of Investment
    If you are a business-person and are coming to the Czech Republic with the intention to make an investment here, you should pick this particular type of residence permit.

Would you like assistance in the process of getting one of these types of a long term residence permit? We are here to help. And besides that, we offer complex services for expats!


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Katerina Richterova

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