How Much for Renting an Apartment in Brno?

When renting an apartment there are probably some questions that go through your head and most of them are concerned with money. What am I getting for my money? What is the standard price for an apartment? What is the usual price of utilities? Today, we bring you an article that will answer these questions. Mind you, these prices are standard for Brno! Prices of rent vary greatly from city to city. 

 City centre along with districts like Královo Pole, Ponava or Veveří are the most expensive ones in Brno

Rent in Brno

So you want to live in Brno? You may wonder, what’s the price that you need to get ready for. The usual range is 14 000 – 15 000 CZK these days, however, the prices are still growing. The major factor influencing the price is firstly the area – for example, the price of a studio apartment in Bystrc (a suburb of Brno) will differ greatly from a studio apartment in the city centre or Královo Pole (a district close to the city centre). Next factor is definitely furnishing. Not furnished apartments will be obviously cheaper but most landlords can be negotiated with in terms of furnishing. That’s the standard, however, the prices of luxury apartments can go between 25 000 – 30 000 CZK.

What utilities consist of?

  • Electricity – this price differs whether your heating is powered by electricity or gas but generally you will pay around 1000 CZK per month.
  • Gas – Also, this price varies on whether your central heating or your stove is powered by it or not, generally, you pay around 800 CZK per month.
  • Water – Water is the least expensive part of utilities – expect to pay around 600 CZK for it.
  • Internet – This service isn’t usually included in utilities, however, you still usually pay extra for it – 500 CZK, to be more exact. Again, it depends on the landlord or the provider.

All together the standard price for utilities is 2500 CZK per month but the price varies greatly depending on the energetical category of the house. Some buildings don’t have the right isolation and some of the heat escape out making it more expensive for heating. That is one factor influencing the price.

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    Im Pedro, a portuguese boy, recently moved to Brno. Im looking for a room to rent, with the limit of 15000 kcz. Could you help me find one?

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