Coronavirus in Czechia: Mask Mandate on Public Transport Lifted From 14 April

#LatestNewsCzechia Are you planning on doing something fun on Green (Maundy) Thursday? You’ll be glad to know that you won’t have to wear your respirator on the way there if you’re taking the bus! On Thursday, 14 April, one of the last COVID-19 restrictions will finally be lifted! Additionally, all measures for people returning from abroad have been cancelled.


Masks can be taken off on public transport as of 14 April.

Masks can be taken off on public transport as of 14 April.


No masks on public transport

As of Thursday, 14 April, the mask mandate will finally be lifted on public transport.

The Minister of Health Mr Válek made this decision because the weekly incidence has been going down. He also mentioned that the situation in hospitals has improved.

You should continue wearing your respirator at the doctor’s and any other health or social institution. According to the minister, this last restriction might be lifted at the end of April or the beginning of May.  


Remain careful and vigilant

Although the mandate is being lifted, you should still be careful and vigilant when it comes to the possibility of coronavirus infection

The ministry of health recommends carrying a mask or a respirator with you and putting it on if you find yourself in a situation where it may be safer to wear it. This includes spaces that haven’t been aired out properly

You should also put on a mask if you’re sick or someone close to you gets sick to avoid contagion. Simply put: stay smart and stay safe!


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Returning from abroad now without measures

In addition, from 9 April, all measures for people returning from abroad have also been cancelled. You won’t have to fill out the locator form or present a COVID-19 certificate.

The Ministry recommends to everyone to double-check with their flight company if they should still wear a respirator or present a certificate there, however.

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