8 Must-Try Food Trucks in Brno!

Warm summer isn’t over yet and you might want to enjoy a tasty meal outdoors under the sun before chilly autumn days arrive! In Brno, the mobile restaurant’s community keeps growing and offers more and more choices: ice cream, coffee, burger, pasta, and much more. The “food truck” or mobile canteen truck is inspired by the concept that was invented in New York before being imported to Europe. Very fashionable, this new mode of nomadic catering joins fast food with quality and local cuisine. As it is getting more and more trendy in the Czech Republic, we decided to put together a list of our favorite food trailers in the second biggest Czech city.

Kick-off your day with a brew at Kofi Kofi

Kofi Kofi is a coffee bike concept, which originated in Brno. Small wooden trucks drive around the city offering delicious caffeinated drinks. You can find them in front of the Main Train Station (Hlavní nádraží), right in the middle of Česká street, next to Janáček Theater, and on Starobrněnská street right at Šilingrovo náměstí – from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Enjoy a delicious coffee on the go made by very friendly baristas. And to top it all off, they offer a large choice of coffee flavors such as “tiramisu”. They taste simply delicious! 

Enjoy a delicious brew on the go.
Enjoy a delicious brew on the go.

Treat yourself to very tasty ice cream with Božský Kopeček

Did you notice these very colorful tuk-tuks in the city center? These little ice makers on wheels show up when the weather is sunny and bright. Bozsky Kopecek travels around Brno to deliver unique craft ice cream. These frozen treats are not only delicious but made with high-quality ingredients and are 100% vegan. Far from the traditional ice cream flavors, they have created daring flavors such as cinnamon, melon, and lavender. You may find them usually by the cabbage market at Zelný trh, on Náměstí Svobody, on Česká near the Moravian square park and in the Lužánky park.


Bozsky Kopecek has some very unusual flavors.
Bozsky Kopecek has some very unusual flavors.

Best sweet potato fries in Brno are at Forkys

Forky’s is a modern bistro-restaurant concept, where all of the dishes are prepared from purely plant-based ingredients. They aren’t using any ingredients of animal origin in their dishes. And in addition to their restaurants, they have created two food trucks located in the campus square Bohunice, and at the Vlnena office park. Through their cuisine, they combine traditional Czech and international dishes. One of their most successful recipes is the super bowls – a delight if you ask me. And If you crave sweet potato fries as much as I do, I would definitely recommend you Forky’s!

We approved - This is the best sweet potato in Brno! - Instagram Forky’s
We approved – This is the best sweet potato in Brno! – Forky’s Instagram

Canadian food in Brno 

Anne’s Food Truck is another mobile street food restaurant in Brno. They focus on the Canadian specialty – Poutine – which is made out of local fresh produce from local suppliers. These are homemade fries twice-fried in beef tallow with gravy and cheese. And it’s very tasty!

The truck is to be found at different places in Brno during the week: 

Monday – Impact Hub Brno –  Brno-střed-Trnitá

Tuesday – BioVendor, Karásek – Řečkovice

WednesdayImpact Hub Brno –  Brno-střed-Trnitá


They offer a wide range of recipes - annesfoodtruck Instagram
They offer a wide range of recipes – Annesfoodtruck Instagram

The perfect spot for egg-lovers 

If you are a fan of eggs, you will fall in love with Eggo Truck Brno! This young company offers an original concept: eggs in all ways on the menu. Omelets, fried eggs, poached eggs, or scrambled eggs, the egg is the hero in all their dishes. And a little bonus: they make very tasty coffee! You can find them from Tuesday to Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm at Dvořákova street.

A fresh concept in Brno - picture instagram eggotuckbrno
A fresh concept in Brno – Eggofoodtruck Instagram

Something for meat-eaters

Bücheck is the famous food truck located at the Cabbage Market (Zelný trh), in Brno. It serves mouth-watering burgers with fries, cooked in lard. They also offer delicious cakes and their own brand of lemonade. 

 If you like burgers, you must try this one! - Picture Instagram bücheckbrno
If you like burgers, you must try this one! – Bücheckbrno Instagram

Couple’s Food Truck 

Couple’s Foodtruck is fast food for foodies. As its name suggests, it is a business couple. Chef Antonín Říha prepares the burger of your dreams, while Šárka Škrhánková takes care of everything not related to cooking. You can find them at Sedláčkova 4 Brno, from Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 20 pm. 

The perfect place for foodies
The perfect place for foodies – Couple’s Foodtruck Instagram

Do you like this truck-based dining concept? 

You can find many more around Brno:

What is your favorite food truck in Brno? Tell us in the comments! 

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